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The Pumpkin Tide

The idea popped into my mind today; going to a forest on a rainy day, look for a dry, lonely spot, and sit there all day, thinking, digesting information and learning, learning from a special state of mind.

It’s not because I’ve got a lot on my mind (okay, maybe a little bit because of that), but just because it seems like a good thing to do every once in a while. Just escape the buzz of everyday life, and take a moment to relax, experience nature.

That being said, test week continues tomorrow. Physics. Oh boy.
It’s nothing too hard, though. Just light and lenses, and how to calculate things related to it. I think I’ll manage.

I’m more worried about the computer science project, though. The game is coming along nicely, but I also need to do tons of shitty writing things: a list of genres, game companies, platforms, my top-10 games and why, a review of a game.
Like what the fuck? He’s giving us a slightly-unprofessional program to work with, but he expects us to do research on games and game-developers that utilise completely different means? Pah, fucker.

But I’ll leave you with that. Have a nice day, and see you guys tomorrow!
~ Fang


  • 20/06/2011 (7:13 PM)

    Good luck with that!

  • 20/06/2011 (6:42 AM)

    Sometimes, going on vacations allows you to be more “yourself.”

  • 20/06/2011 (6:24 AM)

    Games is still a fun topic its better than anything physics related, like physics exams.

  • 20/06/2011 (4:26 AM)

    Good luck on that test!

  • 20/06/2011 (12:42 AM)

    Yeah I know exactly what you mean! It’s nice to be alone, surrounded by nature every once in a while, away from city. Btw, good luck on your physics exam! And your project <_<

  • 19/06/2011 (11:55 PM)

    wow. the requirements for that computer science project of yours is quite heavy! :/

  • 19/06/2011 (11:19 PM)

    I have to take a breather all the time. And I don’t have nearly what you do going on.

  • -E-
    19/06/2011 (11:00 PM)

    good luck!

  • 19/06/2011 (10:12 PM)

    The chilling in the forest stuff sounds great, but thinking about a physics exam gives me a headache.

  • 19/06/2011 (10:04 PM)

    watch out for refrigerators

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