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You just lost it

Here we go again.

God awful test it was, geez. Lucky it doesn’t count towards the scho- I’ve said that too much, nevermind.

But yeah, the test was awfully hard, so i kind of screwed up big time. No big deal, though, I’ll balance it with English tomorrow.
Got biology tomorrow, too. Liver, lungs, eyes, all that good but kind of hard stuff.

Also, I mentioned a Dutch literature history test yesterday, and some of you were amazed at me taking those lessons.
Well, you must take them. Dutch is my native language, and I currently still live in the Netherlands, so there’s no getting away from all that mumbo-jumbo nonsense. Honestly, why should we learn about the “great works of the past” if we can be making great works of the present ourselves? Utter bullshit.

By the way, Steam recently updated with five free to play games, of which one (only one, the fuckers) is also playable on Mac. Luckily, I can actually run it with my outdated piece of scrap metal. The game is called Spiral Knights. Only played it for half an hour, though, because my computer’s fan went crazy. You piece of overheating shit you.
But it’s a pretty decent game, for a free one. Nice gameplay and everything, though it is kind of a chaotic click-fest when you’re battling. Another HUGE-ASS disappointment is the fact that you have to pay for certain things. I hate it when people do that. Advertise something as a free game and then go “pay for this item” “no visiting this area without a premium account” “ILL TAKE UR MONEYZ” and so on.

But that’s all for today. See you tomorrow!
~ Fang


  • 17/06/2011 (11:01 PM)

    darn those “this is free but you really have to pay if you want better stuff” games!

  • 16/06/2011 (6:20 PM)

    well good luck with the english one and dun worry bout chemistry, we all have our strong and weak points :3

  • 16/06/2011 (4:23 PM)

    1 down!

  • 16/06/2011 (11:17 AM)

    Good luck man!

  • 16/06/2011 (9:18 AM)

    Still taking tests? How far into summer do you go? Or is it summer school?

  • 16/06/2011 (2:36 AM)

    i hated chemistry in high school, so i never took it again.

  • -E-
    15/06/2011 (11:07 PM)

    almost no one has produced great works of literature without extensively reading past works.

  • 15/06/2011 (10:34 PM)

    good luck on the rest man

  • 15/06/2011 (10:32 PM)

    chemistry was always my weak spot

  • 15/06/2011 (10:01 PM)

    Good luck with the biology tomorrow

  • 15/06/2011 (9:42 PM)

    Free games on steam? Nice. :)

  • 15/06/2011 (7:28 PM)

    Upgrade your mac xD

    GL on the other tests you take.

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