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The post you're reading right now is a prophecy.

Especially is your DJ can’t mix even if his fucking life depends on it.

Before all you dubstep fans out there for hating on me, allow me to explain.
We went out last night, partying because the school year is pretty much over. The café we went to usually is pretty mediocre when it comes to the music they play, but they had a dubstep “event” to boot.

From this I learned the following:
Dubstep is repetitive as shit. Same beat pattern across most songs. Gets boring pretty quick.
It’s terrible for dancing. Awkward pauses in the beats when you least expect them, etc.
It can make perfectly okay songs sound terrible when they’re (re)mixed into a dubstep song.
The DJ for the night couldn’t mix. Song stopped, ten second pause of silence, and then he hastily put on the next track.

I already wasn’t a real fan of dubstep, but this is it. Ugh, go away you dubstep you.

But meh, spent most of my day bumming around. Woke up 12AM (or is it PM?), looked at the clock, “OH SHIT IS IT THAT LATE ALREADY” and tried getting out of bed. I thought I had better things to do than to lay there doing nothing. Bummed around for the rest of the day doing nothing in particular. Guess I might as well’ve stayed in bed.
That isn’t entirely true. A learned (or rather, am still learning) for the Dutch test I’ll be redoing tomorrow, and probably will spend some time reading up on some more PHP after I’m done with Dutch.

Enjoy the weekend, it may just be your last one!
~ Fang


  • J.T. Kirk
    19/06/2012 (1:08 AM)

    No man…dubstep is garbage. I’ve been into “electronic” music forever (so long I still call it electronic music) and I’m here to tell you, this is shit shit shit. I was dating this girl ten years my junior last year who loves this garbage and I couldn’t deal with it. It made me actually go backward in time musically and listen to motown for two months straight. It makes me think of Dee Reynolds dancing like the inflatable arm flailing tube man in an episode of its always sunny. I can’t do enough drugs to make this shit sound listenable. At all…I’ve tried, honest. Just because you found a cracked copy of pro tools on doesn’t make you a producer, or a musician for that matter. This is all just part of the “dumbing down” of society (i.e. Idiocracy)…I’d rather pound my testicles flat with a rubber mallet than listen to fucking Skrillex suck aural cock.

  • 27/06/2011 (1:34 AM)

    I thought everyone on the internet was hardcore into dubstep. I’m not alone in thinking its terrible?

  • -E-
    26/06/2011 (10:41 PM)

    try ingesting some MDMA first.

  • 26/06/2011 (4:54 PM)

    haha, prepare to loos half your followers!

  • Jay
    25/06/2011 (11:19 PM)

    you’re going to make a lot of enemies with that title. ;)

  • 25/06/2011 (11:11 PM)

    i fkin hate dubstep

  • 25/06/2011 (10:07 PM)

    I like Pendulum, but i dunno if thats dubstep or not… but i agree with u, there are plenty of dubstep songs that are just the exact same thing!

    anyway good luck with the dutch test :D

  • 25/06/2011 (8:51 PM)

    It’s not really “terrible” for dancing. You just dance to it a different way, this is with all forms of music too. But since you don’t like dubstep, the way people dance to it probably doesn’t appeal to you either.

    You’re taking Dutch? That’s an interesting class, how’s it treating you?

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