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Time to use GameMaker!

Be careful. You have to stay strong, and keep a focussed mind.

Blegh, coming Wednesday marks the start of the final test week of this year. If I don’t fuck this up, I’ll most likely pass this year. Yay!

Seriously, though, my weekend is going to be packed. Will mostly be spending my time doing some hard-core work on the game for computer science. We’ve got all of the concept down, and most of the engine has been built (albeit ~50% in-mind), but we still need to realize everything, thoroughly check it for bugs, make the in-game art, and try my hand at a small intro cutscene.

Not only that, but I’ll be studying chemistry like it’s the last thing I do. I somewhat subtly asked my parents the following: If I pass this year, with a sufficient grade in chemistry, would you maybe consider the idea of considering helping me pay for my Macbook Pro?
They didn’t give me a real answer, or reaction for that matter. I’ll ask them if they’ve thought about it in a bit, and push it a bit further with some “I don’t even need a birthday present if you do so. Hell, keep the christmas present, too!”.
Meh, I’ll give it my best shot either way. Finishing this year with a sufficient grade in chemistry has turned into some sort of personal goal, I guess, even though it won’t make a difference for next year, school exams.

I’m also installing Wine again. Now from scratch, and do it perfectly. Hope it works now.

Oh and the delay of my posts showing up on my reading list has decreased to approximately six hours, compared to the previous twelve plus.
If this problem keeps persisting, I’m going to ask around for a bit. Still, my own thoughts stay with the DNS updates, seeing as how it appears at different times for different people.

Pretty big post compared to the previous few, heh.
~ Fang


  • 11/06/2011 (10:35 PM)

    Good luck on your finals!
    You’ll do great.

  • 11/06/2011 (8:08 PM)

    It’s better to be busy than to be bored. Good luck with everything.

  • 11/06/2011 (5:15 PM)

    if i would have the money, id get a macbook pro

  • 11/06/2011 (1:29 PM)

    good luck on everything. as i’ve said, i REALLY detest chemistry, so i hope you at least learn to like it. i almost forgot about that game you were working on. glad you’ve made some progress. :)

  • 11/06/2011 (1:24 PM)

    And once the exams are over its gonna be a long hot summer yay lol. Best of luck with your tests man.

  • 11/06/2011 (11:38 AM)

    good luck on the tests man

  • 11/06/2011 (10:59 AM)

    Physics? Good stuff.
    Bio? Alright.
    Chem? Shoot me now.

    Being a social science major just feels good.

  • 11/06/2011 (10:38 AM)

    good luck dude!

  • Rob
    11/06/2011 (9:22 AM)

    Interesting stuff.

  • 11/06/2011 (6:46 AM)

    Best of luck for your exams and the cutscene and the rest of the things that went way over my head :D

  • 10/06/2011 (9:53 PM)

    Good luck on your finals!
    Keep us updated!

  • 10/06/2011 (8:59 PM)

    Good luck with everything!

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