Fang Talks

Stupid boy!

But most of you won’t have any use for it.

The calculator I’ve been working on is pretty much finished. Check it out here.
It’s for an internet game, VDex. Yes, it’s a Pokemon-related game, but I’m a victim of addiction. Deal with it.

The calculator was actually a lot easier than expected, luckily. Looks good, doesn’t it?

Got to go now, see you tomorrow!
~ Fang

That’s pretty much the most awesome thing that went down today. Quite literally.

Went to an amusement park today. The weather was pretty okay, and had some great thrills in all the roller coasters and whatnot.
But that all kind of fades away when I start to think about the KICK-ASS thing I did. I went skydiving!

Well, it isn’t really skydiving. More of a mix between that and bungee jumping.
You get hung onto a contraption of sorts, with you face down. After getting pulled up a few metres, you get pulled backwards all the way. A few seconds of anticipation, and BAM, you’re falling downwards at THE SPEED OF A STARTING HUMAN FREE FALL.
During the first half second you’re all like “OH GOD I’M GONNA DIE HERE” but then you realize you’re bundled up tight. By then you also start swinging forwards VERRRY far, and then backwards, and forwards again, and so on, until you come to a standstill.

It cost me ~18 euros, which is sort of a lot of money, but it was TOTALLY FREAKING WORTH IT. Most awesome thing I’ve done. EVAR.

Hope you all had an exciting day, too!
~ Fang

Went to the zoo today. IT WAS HOT. SO FUCKING HOT.

Kind of fun, nonetheless. We had to do things, though. For a grade. ugh. THERE GOES THE FUN.

But a quick explanation comes now, so pay attention. Huge-ass storm coming up from the south-west. South of the Netherlands already had a shitload of trouble with it. It’ll hit my area during the evening, night and early-morning. if I look west now I see lightning strike almost every five to ten seconds. KIND OF COOL.
But meh, seeing as how it strikes so often, I think it’s smartest to just turn of my computer when it reaches here, in case lightning strikes a nearby electricity mast. I don’t want to get my hardware fried, now do I?

Also working on a breeding calculator for the online game VDex, but nobody of you have ever heard of it, I assume.
One thing is for certain: it’s a shitload of work, since there’s lot of variables involved in the calculation.

On a kind of gross note, I heard my dad fart just now. He’s in the living room. My room is more than ten metres away. I yelled “oh dad, you dirty bastard” (or something along those lines). He replied saying it was the roar of a thunderbolt. YEAH SURE.

Have a nice day all,
~ Fang

Well, we got a trip to the zoo tomorrow, but that doesn’t really count.

The school year’s over for me, guys! Zoo trip tomorrow, but that won’t be too much trouble, so I won’t count it as a school day.
Zoo trip tomorrow, amusement park Wednesday, party and sleepover Thursday, and leaving for vacation on Friday.

But not busy enough to stop me from playing around with some databases! I’ve been messing around with MySQL integrated into PHP. I’m hoping on getting a login system done before I leave. You know, with user-specific private pages and all.
I won’t post the sandbox link for that because, really, there isn’t much to see yet. It’s mostly behind-the-scenes work at the moment. I’ll keep you updated, though!

I’m still kind of sickish, but the terrible feeling has moved into my nose, and it’s leaking 24/7 now. Ugh.

Have a snotty nice day!
~ Fang

I don’t feel too great and am pretty darn tired, but I’ll live.

On a completely unrelated not, Team Fortress 2 is now a free game. That would be pretty exciting for me if it wasn’t for the fact that my graphics card is kind of really underleveled, and thus can’t play it. I downloaded it, nonetheless, in the hopes that I’ll have the graphics card to play it one day.

But blegh, redoing the Dutch test (Dutch is my native language guys, stop asking why I take this class) tomorrow. German oral exam, too. OH BOY.
Dutch is going to be tough again. Lots of stuff to learn and memorize, and it isn’t all that interesting. German is hopefully going to be okay. A friend of mine who’s technically German illiterate got a decent grade on that exam, so I don’t think I should worry too much.

Meh, see you guys tomorrow,
~ Fang