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too old for this shit

Yeah. I lack stuff to blog about, so I figured I might as well give a shoutout to an awesome Youtuber.

We’re talking about Doggy080. He’s on Youtube, and does all kinds of let’s plays and whatnot. His commentary is hilarious, seriously. I remember watching his Super Mario Galaxy LP right after I got my apendix surgically removed. I had to laugh, causing me to use muscles near the scar, and it felt like it was ripping apart. Laughing and crying, I was.

The video below is from his Minecraft combat series, Minecrawlers.

Be sure to check him out. Like I said, he’s hilarious, and he’s got the gaming skills, too!

Have a nice day, all.
~ Fang

EDIT: Ugh, the hotspot is getting fixed and unfixed every 10 or so hours. What is this I don’t even.
Work is going pretty well. Lots of people from last year are there, too. It’s not too busy, though, making it a bit boring at times. Ahwell, can’t be helped.
See ya!


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