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What we all feared has now been confirmed, more or less.

I say more or less because we didn’t hear it directly from Nintendo. We heard it from a group who says they contacted Nintendo, and they told them they can and will indeed brick your device when you’re being a pirate.

It’s pretty much explained real quick, here:

And see here for more in-depth information.

I must say, I still stick with the things I said here. We haven’t heard Nintendo themselves say it, so chances are it’s just another big rumor.

But meh, we’ll just wait and see. And even if they brick it, it’s most likely just going to be some software brick hackers will find a workaround for. I’m not too worried.

As for the shout-out challenge of yesterday, most people got the Diglett right (brown character on the left), but only two people knew the name of the kid riding the sled. Well, name, the game he is from. He’s the dude from Line Rider. It used to be a great creative “game”, but then it went out of control, got heavily increased graphic capabilities, and got its own DS and PC game. Bleh.
Well, here are our winners:
Kicking Rocks
SkyRazor (he doesn’t have a blog, so I present you with his Twitter instead)

That really is all for today. See ya!
~ Fang


  • 19/05/2011 (3:53 PM)

    aww. i did not win. :( haha.
    anyway, about the DS thing, that sounds pretty scary. i really wouldn’t risk it. but that’s just me since i play safe all the time. :|

  • 19/05/2011 (12:12 PM)

    Not good!

  • 19/05/2011 (11:32 AM)

    hmmmm….thats a pretty controversial feature

  • 19/05/2011 (8:51 AM)

    that is bullsh*t…if i pay for something and they fkin BRICK IT! i’ll flip out…seriously..their stores = done.

  • Ada
    19/05/2011 (5:21 AM)

    I have a feeling this will have a workaround in like…two minutes.

  • 19/05/2011 (3:49 AM)

    that would suck if they brick it from anywhere! you cant go wrong with sexy diglet and line rider! lol

    thanks for the shout out!

  • 19/05/2011 (12:13 AM)

    seems a bit invasive

  • G
    18/05/2011 (11:09 PM)

    it’s always about control with these guys

  • 18/05/2011 (9:52 PM)

    Haha cool stuff.

  • 18/05/2011 (8:05 PM)

    well, i better warn my buddy who was thinking of buying one! O-O

  • 18/05/2011 (7:50 PM)

    i won’t be impressed until nintendo can catch your 3ds on fire

  • 18/05/2011 (7:06 PM)

    Diglett! that’s what it’s called.

  • 18/05/2011 (6:51 PM)

    definitly hackers will strike back

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