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I‘m a little short on time, which I hadn’t expected.

I got nominated for some Blog Award by some blogger, and I wanted to post about that. However, I’m a bit short on time like I said, so that’ll have to wait ’till tomorrow (need to fetch links and everything, lots of work).

And ugh, I’m postponing writing two essential essays, too. And I’m postponing coding a website, and learning javascript to make a special calculator of sorts for on said website.

Blah, that’s just typically me, I guess.
~ Fang


  • 13/05/2011 (8:31 PM)

    good luck with everything :)

  • Rob
    13/05/2011 (8:00 PM)

    Gotta do what ya gotta do sir!

  • 12/05/2011 (4:16 PM)

    sounds like something i would do. the postponing part, i mean. sigh.
    on a lighter note, congrats on the award! :)

  • 12/05/2011 (1:57 PM)

    cool :D

  • 12/05/2011 (1:13 PM)

    Everyone has busy days! congrats on the award either way ;D

  • 12/05/2011 (8:39 AM)

    Gz on nomination :p

  • 12/05/2011 (5:04 AM)

    well good luck then

  • 12/05/2011 (1:05 AM)

    You don’t need to write all that javascript from scratch, look for something similar and copypaste/modify it.

  • 12/05/2011 (12:23 AM)

    im postponing the postponement

  • 11/05/2011 (9:20 PM)

    congrats :D

  • 11/05/2011 (8:41 PM)

    Good luck on the blog nomination, I couldn’t think of someone who deserves it more! Anything I can do to help?

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