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30 05 11


Pshaaawt people!

Like I just posted on my Twitter: “Oh God I need to make a blog post, too. BUSY BUSY BUSY”

I’ve been spending most of the day today making an essay. Of which another one is due for Wednesday. WE’LL SEE HOW THAT GOES.

That, and I looked into Blogger’s template code a bit more. Hard to understand, but I think everything will work out. If not, I’ll call the handy dandy support forum for help.

I;m really kind of looking forward to tomorrow. Why? BUYING CUSTOM DOMAIN WITH HOSTING PACKAGE FUCK YEAH!
This is a pretty big deal for me because it is. It’s exciting to try new things, and if everything goes fine I may even decide to do a bit of freelancing later on in my life. EARNING MONEY DOING STUFF I LIKE!

But all that work has gotten my kind of hyper. And sweaty, too, but you don’t want to know.
It’s been a long time since I last worked this hard in such a short time period. Gets you kind of pumped, right? I’m afraid that also means I oughta work hard more often. WHAT IS TO BECOME OF ME.

Have a nice day, gentlemen and women.
~ Fang


  • 31/05/2011 (5:44 PM)

    good luck with ur essay! i know how it feels.. =-=

    and congrats on ur costum domain :D hope u have fun with it !

  • Rob
    31/05/2011 (5:21 PM)

    Working hard always makes people feel good, be it from working out, or from doing what you love doing, if its something you enjoy doing, you always love working hard at it.

  • 31/05/2011 (4:22 PM)

    good luck with that!

  • 31/05/2011 (1:23 PM)

    that sucks whenever it happens bro

  • 31/05/2011 (1:05 PM)

    I’ve thought about getting my own domain, too. Maybe I’ll go it.

  • 31/05/2011 (7:07 AM)

    *sniff* they grow up so quickly^^

  • Ada
    31/05/2011 (5:58 AM)

    Whoo! That’s a big step, I hope you have fun :D

  • 30/05/2011 (9:10 PM)

    oh man, good luck and have fun :D

  • 30/05/2011 (8:41 PM)

    Good luck with all those proyects!

  • 30/05/2011 (8:40 PM)

    I hate it when that happens, and then when you come back here is so much to catch up on.

  • 30/05/2011 (8:27 PM)

    Good luck man! Make money!

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