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14 05 11


Blogger still hasn’t restored my May 12th post, so I’m fearing it was not included in the backup for some reason.

It looks terrible: [May 10th post] [May 11th post] [May 13th post]
Ugh, combo-breaker, albeit a false one. I’ll just recreate that post and give it the right date, so everything seems fine.

Today was a lazy day. I planned on doing so much productive things, and ended up doing, well, nothing. But that’s me alright. Nothing I can really do about that.

That, and my monitor sort of broke. Well, the hinges did. i put a bunch of stuff underneath it so it won’t fall off, but it still sucks. It faces downward a bit now, but I can still read everything. But it still sucks.
Meh, it’s only an old 1280×1024 pixel monitor. Completely freaking square compared to modern-day standards. If my dad can’t fix it, I hope I get a shining new monitor. Small chance, though. And it’s probably fixable, but not sure.

Oh and it suddenly smells like freshly-baked waffles here. What is this, and where are my waffles?

I’ll be off, searching for waffles.
~ Fang


  • 18/05/2011 (6:59 PM)

    my blog disapeared as well..just wrote a new one similar

  • 15/05/2011 (6:34 PM)

    You like waffles? I make fresh waffles at least once a week! :)

  • 15/05/2011 (5:10 PM)

    Blogger made me really upset.

  • 15/05/2011 (11:48 AM)

    my blog looks terrible too. so ugly and broken

  • 15/05/2011 (3:20 AM)

    This blogger down thing got me bored the last few days, I’m glad it’s back

  • Rob
    14/05/2011 (11:11 PM)

    I. Love. Waffles!!!

  • -E-
    14/05/2011 (10:29 PM)

    combo breaker lol. what is that streetfighter 2 lingo?

  • Ada
    14/05/2011 (10:28 PM)

    lol, the waffle smell reminds me of the Dionaea House (a house that eats people by luring them in with the smell of baked goods).

  • 14/05/2011 (10:19 PM)

    Bring me back a waffle, please

  • 14/05/2011 (10:15 PM)

    too bad about the monitor. hope it gets fixed.
    also, for some reason i like waffles better than pancakes. xD

  • 14/05/2011 (8:25 PM)

    I’m having a pretty lazy day myself.

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