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03 05 11


Hope you at least tried to figure out yesterday’s riddles, ’cause here come the answers!
1) I never said that the second blind man couldn’t talk. All he had to do was tell the cashier he wants the sunglasses.

2) He laid the candle on it’s side and lit both ends and when the two flames met in the middle he walked out.

3) Freedom.

Yeah, I know, the first one is especially nasty. Ahwell, you tried your best.

Have a jolly good day, ol’ pal!
~ Fang


  • 04/05/2011 (5:39 PM)

    Yay two right :D :D

  • 04/05/2011 (5:32 PM)


  • 04/05/2011 (11:59 AM)

    You know, these answers were so simple, that I can understand why we would miss them. Remind me to drink more beer lol because I think I would have got them if I was drunk.

  • 04/05/2011 (3:36 AM)

    i only got the first one right. xD

  • Rob
    04/05/2011 (12:22 AM)

    Dammit! I missed riddles?! star wars watching is making me slip.

  • 04/05/2011 (12:02 AM)

    well i got the only one i tried at wrong… yay.. ;_;

  • 03/05/2011 (7:50 PM)

    awww i only got the first one right…..I was close with the second one though.

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