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Oh, Comely

Hello and welcome agai-

Nope, sorry. Not doing that today. Taking a well-earned break. Man, those things are motherfuckers to write. Explaining is harder than it seemed, and I need to manually add line breaks to my posts, otherwise I’ll get some conflicting code in the example code. Blah.

Anyhoo, I hope you’ve all been enjoying it, making good stuff.
If you’ve made something, and want a way to easily show it off, then here is your solution: Starting coming Wednesday, send me an the document and I’ll host it for you.

Wait, what? I’ll host stuff for you? Yeah. I feel that if you have made something cool, and want to show it off to the world, but don’t want to pay hosting fees, there should be an easy solution.
So, give me a call, I’ll check through your document (to see if it’s safe to upload (hacking, tracking, all that jazz), and I’ll upload it to my site.
Do note that these plans are subject to change, and that I won’t be in any way restricted to not deleting your “site” once I put it up.

So, today is Saturday. I planned a lot, but instead I lurked around on the internet and played some Pokemon. NO REGRETS.

Oh and Admin had a question, which I think I can leave outside of the tutorials (so he gets a quicker answer)
Admin: So do you know anything about C++?
Answer: Nope. I’m thinking about getting into more complex code after I master JavaScript, like PHP and stuff. After that, or maybe during that, I may start self-teaching me some programming languages.

~ Fang


  • 30/05/2011 (9:32 AM)

    aww how nice of you to agree to host some people’s pages. :)
    i don’t think i’ll be sending in any submissions, though. everything i’ve been doing is rather rough. haha.

  • 29/05/2011 (12:24 PM)

    damn it!
    i suck at coding

  • 29/05/2011 (10:01 AM)

    yep this stuff is hard

  • 29/05/2011 (9:08 AM)

    Lovely blog and post! keep up the great work!

  • 29/05/2011 (8:26 AM)

    haha, I feel you bro.
    Programming is easy, explaining it is a b**ch!

  • Ada
    29/05/2011 (1:57 AM)

    What a cool thing to do, putting up other people’s pages :D

  • 29/05/2011 (12:40 AM)

    seems like living in hell. chill for now :)

  • 28/05/2011 (8:51 PM)

    Programing examples and tips could be harder than it looks.

  • 28/05/2011 (8:12 PM)

    Would advertise Bruce Eckel’s “Thinking in C++”:
    (free e-book with a nice sense of humor)

  • Rob
    28/05/2011 (7:59 PM)

    I’m terrible at learning code for anything, I’m trying to get good with HTML just because of mah blog.

    Good luck with pokemon!

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