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The post you're reading right now is a prophecy.

See what I did there?

No you don’t. Why? I tested it out, and it’s still somewhat glitchy. Posts don’t appear in the feed, etc. Probably related to the DNS updates.

But still, I’m pretty happy with this. I also put up a test page which shows my current progress on the new design for my blog. Do note that this shows far from everything, and there’s a lot going on down under the hood (and a lot still in my mind, too). Still, it feels pretty good to put up your own work on the world wide web.

Anyhoo, I’ll leave you guys again coming Wednesday evening. No worries, though, I’ll be back as soon as Sunday evening.
I’m currently working on setting up some scheduled posts again. I’m probably do some nostalgic music posts, seeing as how I don’t have too much time to write something.

I guess I’ll see you Sunday, then!
~ Fang

30 05 11


Pshaaawt people!

Like I just posted on my Twitter: “Oh God I need to make a blog post, too. BUSY BUSY BUSY”

I’ve been spending most of the day today making an essay. Of which another one is due for Wednesday. WE’LL SEE HOW THAT GOES.

That, and I looked into Blogger’s template code a bit more. Hard to understand, but I think everything will work out. If not, I’ll call the handy dandy support forum for help.

I;m really kind of looking forward to tomorrow. Why? BUYING CUSTOM DOMAIN WITH HOSTING PACKAGE FUCK YEAH!
This is a pretty big deal for me because it is. It’s exciting to try new things, and if everything goes fine I may even decide to do a bit of freelancing later on in my life. EARNING MONEY DOING STUFF I LIKE!

But all that work has gotten my kind of hyper. And sweaty, too, but you don’t want to know.
It’s been a long time since I last worked this hard in such a short time period. Gets you kind of pumped, right? I’m afraid that also means I oughta work hard more often. WHAT IS TO BECOME OF ME.

Have a nice day, gentlemen and women.
~ Fang

29 05 11

Delay, again

Yeah, I’m postponing the continuation of HTML and CSS with Fang for now.

I’ve been sort of busy doing unproductive things, and I’m also constantly tinkering on my new blog design, which I want to get implemented as soon as possible after I get my custom domain.

In the mean time, I’ll rant about how hard it can be.

God I need to be more productive, do less non-productive things, and do a tab bit more for school.

Blegh, sorry for ranting so much. It’s just kind of annoying, working on a single problem, and realizing it’s just a misplaced capital a few hours later.
But it’s coming along nicely so far. Just hope I can integrate it with blogger in the way I hope I can.

See you all tomorrow!
~ Fang

Hello and welcome agai-

Nope, sorry. Not doing that today. Taking a well-earned break. Man, those things are motherfuckers to write. Explaining is harder than it seemed, and I need to manually add line breaks to my posts, otherwise I’ll get some conflicting code in the example code. Blah.

Anyhoo, I hope you’ve all been enjoying it, making good stuff.
If you’ve made something, and want a way to easily show it off, then here is your solution: Starting coming Wednesday, send me an the document and I’ll host it for you.

Wait, what? I’ll host stuff for you? Yeah. I feel that if you have made something cool, and want to show it off to the world, but don’t want to pay hosting fees, there should be an easy solution.
So, give me a call, I’ll check through your document (to see if it’s safe to upload (hacking, tracking, all that jazz), and I’ll upload it to my site.
Do note that these plans are subject to change, and that I won’t be in any way restricted to not deleting your “site” once I put it up.

So, today is Saturday. I planned a lot, but instead I lurked around on the internet and played some Pokemon. NO REGRETS.

Oh and Admin had a question, which I think I can leave outside of the tutorials (so he gets a quicker answer)
Admin: So do you know anything about C++?
Answer: Nope. I’m thinking about getting into more complex code after I master JavaScript, like PHP and stuff. After that, or maybe during that, I may start self-teaching me some programming languages.

~ Fang

Previous: basic CSS syntax

Welcome again to another lesson of HTML and CSS with Fang! Today we’ll be covering div containers. But first, a reader question!

Ada: I’ve seen the meta charset thing before, but what does it do?
Answer: Like I said, it defines the character set the browser should use for this document. You can tell it to use Chinese characters, or our regular Latin alphabet, all kinds of things. This somewhat old page should provide more detailed information if you want it.

Moving on now. Today we’re covering divs. The div tag (

) defines a division, often used for grouping elements. That may not mean too much, so I’ll explain it in a different way. If you, in your CSS, tell a div to be 100×100 pixels, and have the background-color green, you’ll get a green 100×100 square on your page. In that square (between the

tags) you can enter your text, and image, or more divs, and it’ll all stay in that square (assuming it fits. If you put 9001 words in a small square it’ll overflow out of the bottom).

Below I’ll throw in the basic divs for our basic website. As usual, copy it over to your own HTML file and admire your work in your browser of choice.

Try fiddling with the code a bit. See what it does when you change a value, etc. For a full list of HTML tags and CSS properties, click their respective links.
It seems like a lot of code, but this is a piece of cake once you know what it all means. let’s start with the HTML, and leave the style be for a little bit.
You can see that in every div tag, I define an id. This is basically naming the div so that the browser can see the difference between that div and the others. In the divs I put some makeshift text to show it gets neatly put in the divs.
The wrapper div is a big one that contains all the others, to prevent them from crawling out, so to speak. You’ll be needing this bad-boy when you do more complicated designs.

That was really all that’s to the HTML. The CSS is where the fun starts, though.
The hashtag (#) defines it has to apply the following properties to elements with the id behind the hashtag. Like telling a painter to paint your walls, not your floor.
For the wrapper, I took a random size. 700px heigh and 700px broad seemed fine. I then defined its left and right margins. A margin is basically an invisible border. You can use the margin to make sure the divs don’t touch each other, or stay at least that amount of pixels off of the side of the screen. By telling the left and right margin of the wrapper to auto, I told them to automatically chance themselves as they see fit. Together, they make sure the wrapper div gets centered on the page.
For the header, I chose 200px heigh and 900px broad (the same as our wrapper). I also told it to have a margin of 20px. And that’s important: by telling it to have 20px extra around the sides, it could no longer fit in the wrapper, so it’d appear all messed up. That’s why I reduced it’s size to 160px heigh and 860px broad. Also gave it a nice background-color so you can actually see it.
I did the same for the menubar and the mainpage. They got float attributes, though. Floats define where the divs should “align” to. It isn’t really aligning, but floating something to the left allows other elements to wrap around it on the right. For simple designs like this, it isn’t all important, but it is later on!

Whoosha, that’s all there’s to it. You now have a simple site design. Put content in the divs and you’re almost ready to go!

Next time I’ll teach you how to spruce it up a bit more, because it looks a kind of boring right now.
Until then, if you have any questions, ask them in the comments!

~ Fang

(You have no idea how fucking long it took me to write this. And it seems like a big wall of text, but you’ll have to bear with that for now. on-line examples will come when I get my custom domain.)