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11 04 11

Test week 7/8

Chemistry, done.

Like I said in yeserday’s post, I couldn’t really keep my mind at it while studying, so that was rather terrible. The test went better than expected, though, but I still think I’ll be redoing it.

Rest of the day was very easy-going. Test was early in the morning, so had a free day for the rest of it. Hanged about on the internet, looked into some things, downloaded tons of shit. You know, the usual.

Not much more to blog about at the moment, sorry. I think I’ve done a marvelous job so far, though. This is the 81st consecutive post: one post every day. One hundred post/day-combo is definitly getting a celebration, so look forward to it!

Got a Dutch test tomorrow. Well, it isn’t really a test, actually. We have to write a sort of essay about a subject: its pros and cons and whatnot. Can’t be too hard, right?

~ Fang


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