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Pfft, computer science and a physics practical exam.

Computer science was tougher than expected. Thought it’d be easy. Guess I hadnt studied quite enough? Ah well, I can always redo it.

The physics practical exam went pretty okay. Were a little short on time here and there, but we managed fine.
We also had to think up a formula out of practically nothing, and we were all like “what the FUCK”. But then my partner got a glowing lightbulb above his head, figured this and that out, and BAM, we had the correct formula. AWESOME.

I’ve also been playing Minecraft again. The wolves are just so awesome! Tamed four already. Sadly, they won’t kill creepers for you, though. If you had a pack of, say, eight, killing a creeper would be a piece of cake.

Also hit the jackpot. A huge cave system surrounding my house. Found two diamonds, quite a bit of redstone, some lapis lazuli (AWESOME BLUE), quite a bit of iron and heaps of coal. Tons of lava down there, too.

Also, I was deep down, inspecting this lava flow, when suddenly a wolf with a colar jumped into the lava! Apparently, one of them followed me. Now, here’s the catch. I had made them all sit, and locked them up inside. Yet here he was, following me around. Hadn’t even noticed him before! Poor thing died a terrible death.

I can post screenshots of my home and my HUGE LOOT (with still half or more of the cave system unexplored) if anyone wants them?

Have a nice start of the weekend,
~ Fang


  • 09/04/2011 (6:42 PM)

    This is great!

  • 09/04/2011 (1:00 PM)

    Minecraft is cool!

  • 09/04/2011 (9:06 AM)

    love minecraft. seen those wolves yet?

  • 09/04/2011 (8:59 AM)

    This is awesome! Love it! keep up the great work!

  • 09/04/2011 (6:30 AM)

    those computer science tests will always sneak up on you

  • Ada
    09/04/2011 (4:57 AM)


  • 09/04/2011 (3:51 AM)


  • Jay
    09/04/2011 (1:50 AM)

    u too!

  • 09/04/2011 (1:11 AM)

    bphfafa. i never wanna redo exams.
    also, i don’t know why but that wolf jumping into the lava was sort of funny for some morbid reason. haha. :|
    go ahead and post those screenshots. :)

  • G
    09/04/2011 (12:04 AM)

    Just started with minecraft myself…it’s so addictive!

  • 08/04/2011 (11:50 PM)

    I actually enjoy physics. At first it was hard, then it blew my mind, then I learned to love it

  • 08/04/2011 (9:59 PM)

    i do wanna see them :)

  • 08/04/2011 (9:16 PM)

    the wolves are awesome, i too wish tehy did some killing.
    got any cartographs of your map, id love to see that cave?
    post as many pics as you can.

  • 08/04/2011 (8:27 PM)

    great background on this

  • Rob
    08/04/2011 (8:27 PM)

    Fang… You totally just reminded me that now that I have this laptop that I bought to HELP with my blog… I can download minecraft too… Oh no… I’ve yet to pay it.

  • Anonymous
    08/04/2011 (8:20 PM)

    Yeah? Sounds cool! Can you post them please?!

  • Mo
    08/04/2011 (8:14 PM)

    I’ve changed the hotlink with the picture on my blog :)
    now it looks better. thanks for the tip

    I want to see the screenshots!

    so long

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