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Yep, I forgot something.

I was talking about how I was learning HTML, right? Well, I’m of course learning CSS along with it. Honestly, did you really expect me to style everything in-line? Pshht.

But meh, not much progress today. I intended to study it all some more, and maybe do some homework, too. But I ended up lurking around on the internet, that kind of stuff.

Also, XHTML seems much prettier than HTML. Sort of forces you to keep everything nice and tidy and everything. Why not make it a standard, I wonder? Probably because if we were to change it now, almost the entire internet would have to be rewritten. Besides, there’s people out there who don’t care if their tags are embedded badly and everything, and just go with the sloppy way.
I honestly couldn’t care much less, though.

Oh and I just got an email from supposedly the World of Warcraft staff, telling me a hack has been used, and that I need to revalidate my account information. Not only does Web of Trust mark the link they provide me with as very poorly rated, but I have never had a WoW account. never even thought of playing it to begin with.
Oh, how I love the internet.

I’ll leave you with that, I guess.
~ Fang


  • 18/04/2011 (5:49 PM)

    Haha, wow, there are WoW scam rings now?

  • 18/04/2011 (2:31 PM)

    i hate those WoW emails!

  • 18/04/2011 (1:06 PM)

    i thought about learning html css too.. no need to guess, my desire disappeared quite soon…

  • 18/04/2011 (12:01 PM)

    io hate those emails

  • 18/04/2011 (10:01 AM)

    Those WoW e-mail are like a freaking disease, my spam box is full of that stuff.

  • 18/04/2011 (6:19 AM)

    I’ve actually gotten that before. I laughed heartily because I never had a WoW account on that e-mail address.

  • 18/04/2011 (5:19 AM)

    you just gotta love the internet. ;)

  • 18/04/2011 (3:59 AM)

    keep talkin, fang! ;P

  • Rob
    18/04/2011 (3:11 AM)

    Very amusing those W.o.W. folks.

  • Ada
    18/04/2011 (1:45 AM)

    Hahah, I’m doing a web project in CSS too. I hope they don’t force you to use Dreamweaver – it’s pretty much bloatware at this point.

  • 18/04/2011 (1:10 AM)

    I get emails from sites I’ve never had anything to do with.

  • 17/04/2011 (9:50 PM)

    im always getting emails like that about wow

  • 17/04/2011 (8:12 PM)

    and for that i thank you, going to play that world of warcraft now.

  • 17/04/2011 (7:54 PM)

    I always end up lurking when I should be doing something more serious too.

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