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05 04 11

Firefox 5

Just a quick one here.

Firefox 4’s release is only a few weeks in the past, and details about Firefox 5 have already come up! Sort of officially leaked, that is. These are almost 100% certain to be true.

New features? Tons. Here’s a sum up of them all.

Select multiple tabs, to close or move them together.
Addons gets standardized toolbar support.
File upload indicator.
The home button will be replaced with a home tab.
In-browser preview for files like PDF and MP3.
More advanced app tabs: with their own context menus and all, configurable by the website owner.
Identity management. Log in on the same site with multiple accounts, that kind of stuff.
Easier sharing: Firefox 5 will have a built-in sharing button (paper airplane next to the site adres) that allows you to instantly tweet it, share it on Facebook, and so on.

That’s quite the list of new features, right? Mozilla will be trying their hardest to finish everything on time (around 28 June), but don’t get your hopes up, some features may slip into Firefox 6, as it’s a lot to work on.

That’ll be all for now. Got the first two tests of the test week tomorrow: English and maths. Lovely.

See y’all,
~ Fang


  • 06/04/2011 (7:52 PM)

    thanks for the info. FireFox is the best!

  • 06/04/2011 (5:10 PM)

    Your work on this blog is great! keep it up!

  • 06/04/2011 (9:30 AM)

    thats grfeat ill get it asap!

  • 06/04/2011 (5:19 AM)

    I’m not a fan of the newest version of firefox at all. Just my two cents though.

  • 06/04/2011 (3:54 AM)

    I’m using Firefox 4 right now!

  • 06/04/2011 (2:05 AM)

    I still have 3.6 or something. I guess I am out of date

  • Jay
    06/04/2011 (1:13 AM)

    this is starting to sound like apple…

  • 06/04/2011 (12:50 AM)

    wow. those firefox 5 features seem really awesome and would minimize a ton of hassle. but meh, i’m still chrome. :| haha.

  • 06/04/2011 (12:50 AM)

    Hm, maybe it’s time I try Firefox 4 before 5 comes out. :P

  • 05/04/2011 (11:37 PM)

    I use chrome :)

  • Mo
    05/04/2011 (10:54 PM)

    fact is that i’m using opera and not firefox. but i tried sometimes. maybe i’ll get the new version and test it once again..
    thanks for posting

  • 05/04/2011 (9:30 PM)

    it’s also a bit faster :)

  • 05/04/2011 (9:28 PM)

    Thanks for the reminder, need to download the new Firefox.

  • 05/04/2011 (8:13 PM)

    I don’t use 2/3rds the features currently in Firefox (or Chrome) as it is.
    (Identity management sounds nice though..)

  • Rob
    05/04/2011 (8:02 PM)

    Good luck on the tests!

    I’m already excited for the new firefox lol.

  • 05/04/2011 (7:53 PM)

    wish you luck for your tests

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