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13 04 11

Dropped projects

I have so many things I intended to do, and didn’t do, or partially finished.

Bleh, that’s just typical me. Starting something with the thought “this is going to be great, I’ll finish it for sure!” and then dropping out before even reaching the half-way-point. But it was going to be great! Meh, can’t be bothered.

I tend to lose interest after a while, or even before actually starting it. Some of you may remember me speculating about running a bit of a fic here. Got some pretty solid plans down, and where are we now? No step further.

Why does this happen? I have no idea. Well, maybe I do. I usually drop out because I’m no longer interested. Does that mean I wasn’t genuinely interested in the first place? But, it all seemed so promising, what is this…

I’ve got a lot of those, dropped project. Mainly the RCD and Infinite Dimensions. The RHQ, too, but it also died out because of the lack of contribution.

Maybe I’ll see if I can get some new fiction going. A new, fresh start, with no real storyline in mind yet. I don’t know, I’ll see how much I write down before making any real promises of doing something this time.

Well, I’ll keep it at that. See you!
~ Fang


  • 14/04/2011 (4:10 PM)

    yeah, i was wondering about that fic you said you were going to do. perhaps you drop out midway or almost midway (when it’s still good) because you’re afraid of (probably) failing in the end.

  • 14/04/2011 (1:18 PM)

    Hey I am also just the same… I never get to the finish of anything… :(

  • 14/04/2011 (11:45 AM)

    Yeah i know exactly what you mean bro, just gotta stick at it ;D

  • 14/04/2011 (10:52 AM)

    cool post man! I like it!

  • 14/04/2011 (7:39 AM)

    Totally understand you bro!

  • 14/04/2011 (7:34 AM)


  • 14/04/2011 (2:26 AM)

    dude i know how you feel

  • G
    14/04/2011 (1:21 AM)

    make your projects habbits…then they complete themselves

  • Jay
    13/04/2011 (11:27 PM)

    good to see you haven’t dropped blogging. :)

  • 13/04/2011 (10:26 PM)

    you’ll get it!

  • Rob
    13/04/2011 (10:12 PM)

    I’m working through the same kinda problem dude, I know how ya feel.

  • 13/04/2011 (9:36 PM)

    i folllow the same pattern

  • 13/04/2011 (8:50 PM)

    Discipline is everything!


  • 13/04/2011 (8:50 PM)

    Same thing happens to me. I have a larger project in mind when it starts, but just fall off it. That’s why I’ve changed more towards flash. I figure “If I’m not interested, why should anyone else be?”

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