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What delightful anguish

Un-fucking-believable. That was so. Damn. Fast.

Apparently a group has been secretly working on ripping 3DS games from their cards, and making them playable on flashcards.

They somehow managed to succesfully rip a .3ds file, and heavily modified the DSTWO’s default firmware to be compatible with said rom. Currently the only rip available is for Pilotwings Resort, as said team is the only one who currently knows how to rip them. They said they’ll give a public tutorial on how to do it in a month or so, probably to monopolize the whole scene for a bit.

For those who just have to see it to believe it, they posted a video of Pilotwings Resort running on a 3DS, using a flashcard. Go check it out here.

Do note that this doesn’t mean 3DS mode is hacked yet. They just found a roundabout way to run 3DS games through 3DS compatible flashcards made for the older DSes. But with such quick progress I expect to see a full 3DS hack soon enough.

Have a nice April Fools day, and enjoy the luxery of piracy!
~ Fang

UPDATE: WARNING! There are already some sites out there distributing DSTWO firmware that’s said to be the one that can play 3DS games. I strongly suggest you stay away from them until further notice, as some people have reported bricked flashcards and even consoles! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, and know that I warned you!


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