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You’ve by now probably heard that if you use a flashcard, or any other method of pirating games, on the new 3DS, Nintendo can brick your device through a software update.

What you’ve most likely not heard is the fact that all that is most likely bullshit. Misinterpret lines of text. Mere rumors.
Why? I’ll tell you why.

First and foremost, it’s simply not legal in some countries. Consumer protection laws in the UK and US say so. The 3DS is a good, and the company doesn’t have the right to intentionally kill your device. If they were to do so, Nintendo would be in court within hours, and would get sued numerous times.

Besides, they simply have nothing to earn from bricking your device. You get yourself a 3DS, but pirate the games. Nintendo supposedly sees this and bricks your device. It’s pretty much worthless now. But ther’es no way you’ll be a silly person and buy a second 3DS. Not only that, but if you don’t have a functioning 3DS there’s no need for you to buy the games. No more profit for Nintendo.

Oh and Nintendo never made any clear statements regarding the anti-piracy measures. Yes, the 3DS booklet and some game boxes say stuff like “use of third-party hardware and/or software will render your device/game unusable”, but this has been done before. For most of the previous devices, it states something along those lines. However, it didn’t say “will render” but “may render your device unusable”. The new phrase seems like more of a direct threat, but looking at the above points, it’s easy to call their bluff.

“But if they warn you about the bricking, they can do it right?”
Nope, it still won’t be legal. If I tell you to stop pirating, otherwise I’ll stab you, that’s a warning, right? But if you keep pirating, and I stab you, that doesn’t make the stabbing legal. I’d still have to go to jail for it.

On top of all that, numerous flashcards have been reported working fine with the 3DS, even after a software update. So, no reason to fear, right?

To get to the point, Nintendo won’t brick your console. The fact that the 3D doesn’t work if you can only see with one eye is a big deal for most pirates out there. -laughter in the auditorium-

But damn, the thing is pricy. That’s why I’m selling off most of my old gaming stuff. I’ll list it below, so if any of you is interested, leave a comment with your email adres, and I’ll contact you.

I’ll be doing away with the following:
A light-blue Gameboy Advance SP. Very good condition. Comes with the original box, booklets, and a few accesories, too.
Pokemon Blue (GB)
Pokemon Gold (GBC)*
Pokemon Silver (GBC)
El Dorado (GBC) *
Mario Bros Deluxe (GBC)
Pokemon Ruby (GBA) **
Pokemon Emerald (GBA) **
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team (GBA) **
CartoonNetwork Speedway (GBA) **
Training (DS) **
Pokemon Diamond (DS) **
Pokemon Rangers (DS) **
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time (DS) **

* Comes with original instruction booklet
** Comes with original box, booklets and all

That’s really it for today. See you guys next time!
~ Fang


  • 15/06/2011 (6:02 AM)

    I just got a 3ds – witing on Zelda, and updated r4i to work with 3ds 2.02. I too am worried about bricking, but you raise some good points. thx!

  • Anonymous
    21/04/2011 (9:07 AM)

    Lots of strong points made there but im going to wait until i know the consequences, or at least until there is some sort of ‘recovery’ for the bricked consoles. This war hasnt really even started yet lol

  • 29/03/2011 (3:14 AM)

    good luck on selling your stuff. :D
    also, good points although if that was me, i still wouldn’t risk it. at least not until i really know it’s safe. haha.

  • Anonymous
    27/03/2011 (6:49 PM)

    Would I could tell you this were true, but by reading the ToS and such in the manual, it seems that they are running it more as a system use license than a good; that and remote bricking would be an effect on the software run on the hardware- the console’s OS, which you do not own. I’m trying to research the legality of it still, but Nintendo’s got good lawyers, and it’ll be a few months at least before anyone is able to clearly figure out what the truth of it is. Until then, I’m sticking to playing homebrew on my DS Phat.

  • 26/03/2011 (11:52 PM)

    good info. thanks.

  • 26/03/2011 (11:42 PM)

    good to know about the anti-piracy stuff.

  • Rob
    26/03/2011 (10:58 PM)

    good luck selling ya stuff :D

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