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05 03 11

*rubs neck*

Kind of an early post today. Will be gone troughout the evening, so yeah…

My neck hurts like hell guys. probably because of the way I sleep, because I woke up with it. It just won’t stop.
I can’t loop up or down, looking my head sideways too far hurts, and tilting it isn’t pleasant either.

Anyway, enough whining. The 3D glasses I ordered came in the mail today. Nice sturdy set of glasses. Too bad my ears are on different heights so it still feels like shit.
It works awesome, though. Played some Minecraft in 3D (yes, it has a 3D red-cyan anyglyph) and everything looked a lot more… realistic.
I know I ranted about 3D before, but it’s actually perfect for gaming (action/adventure games, at least). It adds that extra dimension of excitement, makes everything more realistic. Got to love it.

Also, I’ve been playing Pokemon White, since my flashcard can actually handle it now (yay, new OSMenu (more about that in an upcoming scheduled post)).
So, I was wondering, would any of you be interested in an RP-style-ish log of my adventures? I could write a ton of things about that.

So, let me know if you like the idea, and I’ll see you tomorrow!
~ Fang


  • 07/03/2011 (1:33 PM)

    i sometimes wake up with a really bad cramp in my arm since i like to sleep with my head on it. also, about the RP-style-ish log of your adventures, go for it. :)

  • 06/03/2011 (12:32 PM)

    I can strongly relate to the morning neck pain. There seriously must be something we’re doing wrong during the night, huh.

  • 06/03/2011 (2:00 AM)

    Sure thing, go for it.

  • 06/03/2011 (1:40 AM)

    Pokemon for the win! Followed!

  • Ada
    06/03/2011 (1:05 AM)

    My eyes are lopsided so some narrow frames do that to me x_X

  • 06/03/2011 (12:32 AM)

    Sounds like an idea to me. Do it! :)

  • G
    05/03/2011 (11:23 PM)

    hit us with it!

  • 05/03/2011 (10:21 PM)

    I’m a huge fan of Pokemon, and I have to say I would LOVE a RP-style-ish log of your adventures. =)

  • 05/03/2011 (7:56 PM)

    It sounds like what I get when I sleep weird. Just try to keep moving it and stretching those muscles. I didn’t one time and it cramped bad.

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