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14 03 11

Rome log!

I‘m back, and the plane didn’t crash! Lucky.

In any case, I’ll keep this short. Rome was awesome and lots of fun, but more on that later. I’ll also be posting pics sometime later.
For now, I’ll keep it at the log I kept during the trip, gives you a bit of an idea of how things went.

We came back at 1 AM today, by the way, and still had to go to school at 9 AM. Shitty, I am hella tired. I managed, even though I skipped gym class.

By the way, special thanks to those who kept checking my blog during my absence. To those who didn’t, what the hell?


Oh, first time traveling by plane! Had expected something a bit more high-class. The flight itself was less scary than I had expected. Landing and all was okay, and the view was beautiful! Took lots of pictures, will upload and post some when I get the chance.
Hotel is also less luxe than I had expected. We’re on a room with four of my friends and me, and one two-person bed. We just put them all next to each other, to make sure it’s not just two people being all awkward.
We’ve already been doing a bit of sight-seeing, too. Lots of walking and using the very busy busses and metro. Again, pics may be posted if I get the chance to upload.
Currently hanging around on the room, watching MTV, and being all funny. Shit’s hilarious. Lots of inside jokes, though.
Welp, enough logging for the day. See ya~ (8 March)

Basically done lots of walking today. Went to the Vatican Museum today. Saw lots of those famous works IN REAL LIFE. Pretty sweet stuff.
Oh and the St. Pieter church is huge. Freaking beautiful. Took tons of pictures, too. I generally feel kind of awkward taking pictures in “sacred places” and all, but the others were doing it, and I sort of think my parents would love to see it, too.
At the time of writing I’m at the Mc Donalds with two friends. “That’s no beard, that an under-moustache!” Tried hogging their WiFi, and there’s a strong connection to a hotspot network, but I can’t load any pages with it. Bummer.
Tonight I’ll prolly be gaming with a friend of mine, while others go out to a bar or something. I’m too tired for that at the moment, maybe tomorrow.
Welp, I’ll get back to being social now. Bye! (9 March)

Pffffft. Feet. Pain. Socks. Blue. My shoes are painting my socks like Michelangelo painted his painting. Oh hey, can’t spell painting without pain!
We saw the Colosseum today. Pretty impresive, but not that much because everyone has already seen tons of pictures of it and all. We also visited that one church of which the name I obviously can’t remember. Shit was beautiful. It looked like the people in the painting on the roof were falling down on you. Also a pretty fabulous one. Looked like a… uhm… reverse bowl, but the ceiling was actually flat. Looked waaay too realistic.
It took 15 minutes to type the above. Why? My friend is doing fake prayers to the Gods, Master Yoda, Dumbledore, and so on. Shit’s hilarious.
I also got a bit of internet for a short while today. Enough to post some stuff to Twitter, but by the time I got to editting this log into a blog post. Published all the comments made, though. Ten comments for three days? I is disappoint. Ahwell, not that terrible. I’ll live.
That’ll be all again. See you guys~ (10 March)

Last night was pretty heavy on me, and today the fucking Italian bus and metro drivers decided to pale (is that the correct word for not working as a form of protest?). So freaking tiring. The teachers had to reschedule one of the “most beautiful” things to sunday because of this, hope the weather isn’t all rainy by then.
So, we walked a lot. Shit was terribly tiring, but went by some pretty interesting stuff, too.
Rather early bedtime today, compared to the other days. Good, because I’m tired as hell. Small blister on my toe, too. I’ll live, though.
I’ll be off to bed, bye! (11 March)

Rather late with logging today. But something exciting happened!
We went to these catacombs to check them out and everything, and it was already rather creepy down there. At one time, the light went out, people got scared, and they came back on again. The second time, though, it took waaay longer. Shit was kind of scary, but exciting, too. Even though you know the guide can find her way back with her eyes closed, it’s still scary.
The evening was pretty damn awesome. The girls from the room on the opposite side of the hallway dropped by. We played some cards, chatted for a bit. Lovely.
But I’ll keep it at that for today. Seeing two or so more sights tomorrow and then catching our flight home.
Insert obligatory unoriginal ending words here. (13 March)

Currently on the bus back home. It’s dark outside, so nothing much to see.
Today was… rainy. The only rainy day we’ve had so far, the others days had great weather. Today is also the day we went to a bunch of, well, ruins. In the open air. Rain and open air musea, nice combination!
So, it was rainy. Kind of depressing, and less fun, but still interesting. There also was this stray dog, very underfed. We named him Basto. Don’t ask why. He followed us along. The poor thing had a colar, but it had no information on it. We tried feeding him some bread, but he ignored it. Poor thing.
That was a bit of a day breaker, but it was a decent enough day to close the trip with.
That’s it for the logging. Hope you liked it, and if you can, visit Rome some time! (14 March)

So tired… Need to go to bed…
~ Fang


  • Rob
    15/03/2011 (7:17 PM)

    sounds like you had a good time! I’m glad for ya!

  • 15/03/2011 (10:35 AM)

    i am now really officially jealous of you and your Rome trip. i now want to go there so badly. looks like you had a ton of fun, despite being tired most of the time. haha.

  • 15/03/2011 (3:20 AM)

    That sounds great! I haven’t been overseas in ages, but I’d like to again.

  • G
    15/03/2011 (1:45 AM)

    Great post – glad you enjoyed Rome, its a very cool city and Italian women are something else…

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