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Honestly, I’ve never been as far as Italy, and we’re traveling by plane! I’ve never been on a plane in my life!
Shit’s going to be a pain in the crack with all the airport security and shit, though. Why such tight security? Because terrorists attacked, like on 9/11. If they had just had this tight security back then, it may have been prevented. People only change their stuff when accidents happen. The human race is a dumb one.

Anyhoo, I set up all the scheduled blog posts and stuff, so you will still be seeing blog posts every day. I also use Twuffer to post automated tweets on my Twitter to notify them of new posts, like I usualy do.
The scheduled blog posts will be posted a tad bit later than usual, though. Around midnight, my time, so that I have plenty of time to edit an update in, that kind of stuff. That time is around, say, four hours after the time of this post, a bit earlier.
If I get lucky, I might just be able to upload and post some pictures, too!

So yeah. First scheduled post tomorrow, and it’ll do some more explaining on the automated posts and stuff. Nothing special.

But yeah, I’ll end it with that. Got to get to packing my stuff and everything. See you guys next Monday!
~ Fang


  • 08/03/2011 (11:25 PM)

    Have fun! :)

  • 08/03/2011 (10:17 PM)

    i like plane rides. except when they’re super long and then i don’t really like them at all. :|

  • 08/03/2011 (9:05 PM)

    Nos blogituri salutamus!

  • 08/03/2011 (8:54 PM)

    Awww, wished I could go to rome :(

  • 08/03/2011 (12:43 AM)

    I’m so jealous! I want to go to Rome! Have a fun trip! :)

  • G
    08/03/2011 (12:35 AM)

    Enjoy Rome!

  • 07/03/2011 (10:50 PM)

    Youll have a lot of fun down there. I stayed there for a few years.

  • 07/03/2011 (8:38 PM)

    I freakin hate plane rides! Security is not as bad as people make it to be though. Longest plane ride I have been on is 6 hours. How long is your flight to Rome?

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