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24 03 11

Menger sponges

For lack of a better post, have some motherfucking miracles.

Infinite surface, no volume. Yes, it’s a fractal. No, it’s not ugly. It’s a Menger sponge.

Basically, you take a cube, divide every side into nine smaller cubes, and take the middles one out. Repeat this process for the smaller cubes you made. Picture below for explanation.

It’s just like magic. Only scientifically “provable”.

That’s the miracle and wonder for today. Honestly can’t be bothered writing much more. If you’re interested in reading more in-depth stuff about Menger sponges, go to the Wikipedia page.

Post about Firefox 4 tomorrow, I promise!

Enjoy your new knowledge.
~ Fang


  • 26/03/2011 (8:41 AM)

    looks cool yet somehow disturbing. i don’t really know why, though. perhaps because it looks like its decaying or something. (feel free to ignore me. haha)

  • 25/03/2011 (3:57 PM)

    Looking forward to your Firefox 4 post, as I currently use Firefox! :)

  • 25/03/2011 (2:41 AM)

    looks cool. I wish I were able to shrink and get inside that cube…

  • 25/03/2011 (12:51 AM)

    nice post, good job

    + follower:)

  • 25/03/2011 (12:47 AM)

    cool! :D

  • G
    25/03/2011 (12:26 AM)

    wow I just read the wiki post…crazy

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