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10 03 11


You know, those tiny little fuckers on which you can put OVER NINETHOUSAND games if you want.

They’re awesome, in my opinion. Not only can you try out any game you want for free, but they can also run homebrew.
I’m not a huge homebrew user, but there’s some pretty amazing stuff out there. Think media players, for example. Now this feature comes built in with the DSi, but it’s stilla nice addition to the normal and lite DSes.

Piracy? Yes.
Dropping sales? Arguably no.
Why? Most people download the games they wouldn’t have bought in the first place. You want to play it, but not bad enough to buy the real deal. So, no sales loss there.
Second, there are people that actually buy the real thing when they really like a game, to support the developers.

So in a way, flashcards are great free marketing tools!

My setup? I still have one of those old R4s for my DSl. I’ve recently started running the R4 Wood OSMenu. It works like a charm, runs everything my old OSMenu couldn’t, and is just a great OS overall.

That’ll be all.
~ Fang

Rome update:
Nothing here, because I didn’t have the time and/or WiFi to write and edit something in.


  • G
    11/03/2011 (12:49 AM)

    Cool post – I’m loving the flashcards too

  • 11/03/2011 (12:16 AM)

    I have like 10 of them, and 9 of them didn’t work ;(

  • Frouwke
    11/03/2011 (12:03 AM)

    Wood ftw. Heb bijna nooit meer gezeik van mijn neefje dat zijn kutspelletjes het niet doen sinds ik Wood op zijn kaart heb gezet. :)

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