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Hello and welcome back to the series! If you haven’t read the first post, go read it here. (I hope that link works. Had to create the url from mind.)
Now, moving on, we went to see Professor Juniper.

We left my house and headed for the lab. We entered, and greeted the Professor.
‘I see the Pokemon have already gotten a liking towards you!’ Juniper said. ‘Goes to show your potential as a trainer! Now, today is the day that you recieved your first Pokemon. Pokemon are mysterious creatures, and their full potential is yet unknown. You are to-‘
She was cut off by Cheren. ‘We have to gather data for the Pokedex by capturing a lot of Pokemon, and beat the gym leaders while we’re at it.’
‘You can skip the formal stuff.’ Bianca said. ‘We’ve known you for very long now, and already know most of the things you were planning to tell us.’
‘But this is a once-in-a-lifetime day! Some formalities won’t hurt you.’ She sighed. ‘Ah well, here, have the Pokedexes then. These Poke Balls will come in handy, too.’
Cheren imediatly checked the stats of his Tepig using the Pokedex. ‘He’s quite low on defenses, so no wonder you won. You went for an all-out attacking style, which easily broke through his defensis. I’ll do some special training for that, though!’
‘Now,’ Juniper announced. ‘If you’ll follow me, I’ll explain how to properly catch a Pokemon.

We went outside the lab, and headed for Route 1. The Professor walked into tall grass, and saw a wild Patrat. She damaged the poor thing for a bit, and caught it in a Poke Ball.
‘Were you even watching?’ She asked us. We obviously weren’t paying too much attention.
‘We already know all this. But if it’s “formalities” you want, you can get them.’ Cheren said, in a slightly complaining voice.
‘Fine, fine, have it your way. Go ahead, move on, and have a nice adventure. Oh and tell Fennel I said hi when you see her. She does research in Stration City, the second town you’ll pass. The first gym is also there.’
‘Will do!’ I said. We waved, and walked off.

‘Guys, hey, guys! We should totally do a challenge!’ Bianca said, slightly bouncing up and down.
Both Cheren and I sighed. ‘Oh God what now?’
‘We should see who can catch the most Pokemon. We’ll compare by the end of the route!’
‘I guess that’s alright.’ Cheren said. Come on Fang, let’s play this little game!’
I sighed. ‘Fine, fine.’

By the end of the route both of them had caught a Pokemon. Me? I hadn’t caught anything. Snivy, who I had nicknamed Jalorda -because it sounds more female-, was up at level 8 already, though.
‘Whaaaat, you haven’t caught any Pokemon? You’re hopeless, Fang.’
‘Says the girl who can never be on time.’ I quickly replied.
‘You’re not filling much dex data this way, though.’ Cheren said, and nudged his glasses.
I sighed, again. ‘Come on guys, the next town is right up ahead. Let’s get moving.’

We arrived in Accumula Town. A small, peaceful town, with nothing worth noting. We headed to the Pokecenter, healed our Pokemon, stocked up on suplies for a bit, and headed out again.
When we arrived at the central square, though, a big commotion was going on.

My real playthrough is going waaay too fast for this, hehe. Meh, see you next time!
~ Fang

Rome update:
Nothing here, because I didn’t have the time and/or WiFi to write and edit something in.


  • 13/03/2011 (7:28 PM)

    i cant wait to play pokemon black/white

  • Ada
    13/03/2011 (6:17 AM)

    I don’t know why but seeing Pokemon written this way is so weird and it’s giving me a head trip right now.

  • G
    13/03/2011 (1:18 AM)

    Sounds like you’ve made a great start

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