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I‘ve started playing Pokemon White, and suggested the idea of keeping a log in a RP style kind of way. Lots of you liked the idea, so here you are, the first part in the series!
Note that I’m not going to describe everything in-depth, as I don’t think you’re wanting to read me grind. (So wrong, Fang. So wrong.)

‘Sorry I’m late!’ Biance came running up the stairs, tripped, and almost fell.
Cheren sighed. I laughed. ‘You’ll never learn, will you?’
‘I’m so excited! Where are the Pokemon?’
Cheren gently patted a blue box, with a big greeen bow on it. ‘They’re in here.’
‘Oh oh let me see!’
Cheren slowly lifted the top of the box off. Inside were three brand new, shiny Poke Balls. They each had a tiny sticker on them, representing the type of the Pokemon that was inside.
‘I guess Fang gets first pick, since the Pokemon were delivered to his house.’ Bianca said.
‘That seems fair enough. Go ahead Fang, make your pick.’
I didn’t think about it a lot, and just went with the grass type. Snivy.
‘Then I’ll take Oshawott. Cheren, you can have Tepig.’
‘Is that even your choice to make? It’s okay, though. I wanted Tepig anyway.’

Biance was overexcited already. Hugging and playing with her Oshawott. The poor little thing didn’t seem to like it very much, though.
‘Oh, we could have a Pokemon battle!’ she exclaimed, after she was done playing with her “little gentleman”.
‘We’re inside Fang’s house, Bianca. A battle will ruin this place.’
‘Aww come on! They’re still very small, so they won’t destroy Fang’s house or something!’
‘Not a problem by my book.’ I said.
‘Hurray! In that case, I challenge you to a battle, Fang!’

I battled Bianca’s Oshawott. He was no match for my Snivy.
During the battle, I discovered that my Snivy was a smart little female, and had pretty balanced stats.
‘Come on Cheren, battle me!’ I was getting all pumped up already.
‘Fine, fine. I won’t hold back, though!’
I easily beat him, too.

After the battles, we noticed the room had become a huge mess. Apparently those little Pokemon still packed quite a punch.
Luckily, my mom offered to clean up the mess, so we could go and see Professor Juniper.

More next time!
~ Fang

Rome update:
Nothing here, because I didn’t have the time and/or WiFi to write and edit something in.


  • 10/03/2011 (6:40 AM)

    I think a few pics would be fine, I know which are the starters from black and white but maybe some people don’t.

  • 10/03/2011 (4:42 AM)

    Pokemon rocks! I’ll be checking back soon!

  • 10/03/2011 (3:12 AM)

    I like it! Can’t wait to read more.

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