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I‘ve seen it happen in the comments to yesterday’s post, and I’ve seen it happen OVER NINETHOUSAND times in real life. people hating on me for using a Mac, and trying to convince me into using Windows or a Linux.

To all of you: fuck you.
Especially to those hammering on it over and over again with the same fucking arguments heard all over the world every fucking day.

I’m not the kind of guy to jump in and say “DUDE USE A MAC, TOTALLY BETTER THAN WINDOWS” or something along those lines. No really, I am not. I’m also not a loyal fan of Apple or anything. They just make great products (fail here and there), and have a great OS.

I’ve been using Macs ever since I first laid hands on a computer. That’s right, my first computers was a Macintosh. I can’t remember which one, but most of you won’t be interested anyway.
I’ve lived my life with it’s OS, and I find it intuitive and easy. This is not something you can use as an argument in any way; it’s just wether you’re accostumed to it or not.
Note that I find the Windows OS a rather sloppy OS, and find it hard to get accostumed to. This is, however, just my personal perspective on the matter, and of course differs per individual.

I’m not a diehard gamer, not at all. I do game a lot of my Nintendo DS, and my Playstation 2 from time to time, but hardly play any real games on my computer. Not my piece of cake, to be honest. The things I use my computer for? Mostly simple stuff like browsing the web, chatting with friends, and so on. I do, however, also tend to do stuff with Photoshop and other creative apps. This is what Macs are (believed to) be build for, because they can not game (actually they can, just requires a small medium).

So, why would I bother getting a computer that runs Windows, when it’s an OS I personally don’t like, and on which I am not going to play all those “fabulous” games anyway? Macs are more suited for my needs, and I love the way most of them are designed. Compare other laptops/desktops to Macs, and they are, in my honest opinion, ugly, even hidious at times.
Okay, Macs cost a lot, but if I want to pay such money for something I want, why shouldn’t I? Money has to roll, keeps the economy going.

I use what I use, and you aren’t involved. You’re just a Windowsfag wanting to piss the shit out of me. Shut the fuck up. Tits or get the fuck out. Really.

As you can probably see by now, I’m not like any of those Apple fanboys (like my dad, ugh). I’m not exicively trying to convince you to get a Mac, or constantly tell you how great the new iPad is (I fucking hate those things). However, if you get at me with your “DUDE GET WINDOWS” blabbering, I’m not afraid to speak up, and tell you everything I just wrote. I don’t need you to convince me, talk me into your stuff, because I don’t want it or need it, and I never will. I’m happy using Macs, so why would I switch?

~ Fang

Note: Apologies if I offended any of you who commented I should get Windows or something. This is more aimed towards some certain real life friends who can’t stop bitching about shit. Fucknuts.


  • 04/03/2011 (8:04 AM)

    >This is more aimed towards some certain real life friends who can’t stop bitching about shit

    Lol, those letters should be bigger.

    >Compare other laptops/desktops to Macs, and they are, in my honest opinion, ugly, even hidious at times.

    Oh I love desktop pcs so much, and I play/work a lot with mine, however if I would need to pick up the best laptop that would be the macbook pro.

  • Ada
    04/03/2011 (2:01 AM)

    Windows 7 actually has some pseudo-Mac features, like the taskbar. Mac has some great ideas and really cool design, and PCs can be customized very easily. There’s a place for both OSes.

    I still kinda resent being forced to buy a Mac for my design classes though, because my PC does Photoshop as well as the Mac :|

  • G
    04/03/2011 (1:34 AM)

    anyone who tries to convince others that windows is cool…needs therapy…everyone knows that Android will rule the world!!!

  • 03/03/2011 (11:22 PM)

    I have a friend, who use mac, and everyone are bugging him and calling him stupid :/

  • 03/03/2011 (10:58 PM)

    i dont care for anything. i have pc, and im too lazy to try anything else

  • 03/03/2011 (10:45 PM)

    PS: My first PC was a mac too, though I don’t think the first mac OS version counts.

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