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For the first time in ages, I had a Pokemon battle over WiFi with my currently puny team, with little to no strategic content.

It taught me something, though. Something that made me want to rip Gamefreak’s eyes out. You can’t set your wifi battles to lvl.100 anymore, only to 50-. Meaning that when I came there with my team of around lvl.30, shit went down. Literally. I managed to get one dumb kill, and hold out for a while, but that was all. Why is there no lvl 100 mode anymore?
And why can’t we be more specific about the rules? You either ban everything you can, or ban nothing. What the fuck. I may want to ban the use of same species on a single team, but not ban the use of the same items on a single team. You can’t do this! You can’t edit the number of required Pokemon, either. What if I want a 3-on-3 triple battle? Not a chance in the world, game over.
If I’m wrong about this, and there’s a way around it, please do tell me guys, ’cause I hate this shit.

That’s more than enough ranting for now, moving on to happier things.

Nothing. Post ends here. Have a nice day.
~ Fang


  • 24/03/2011 (8:34 PM)

    i wish i cuold play wifi pokemon. sounds fun

  • Rob
    24/03/2011 (5:11 PM)

    I enjoyed the new game, but I haven’t played over wi-fi yet minus the exception of trading via the infrared

  • 24/03/2011 (4:19 PM)

    I haven’t played a Pokemon game in years so I can’t really relate to this.

  • 24/03/2011 (1:18 PM)

    I haven’t tried WiFi battles yet. My team’s only 29-40, and the WiFi scene intimidates me.

  • G
    24/03/2011 (1:05 AM)

    sounds cool

  • 24/03/2011 (1:01 AM)

    yes, on to happier things. :)

  • 23/03/2011 (9:35 PM)

    I’ve never played pokemon via wifi, so I can’t really give my opinion… Anyway, I know whow you feel, sometimes games get retarded.

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