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31 03 11

Blogger updates!

No, not my blog. Blogger in general. You honestly expected me to do a major update?

So Blogger added this new feature, dynamic views. It’s new and shiny and looks, well, pretty neat.

I personally have a liking towards the sidebar view type. Check it out!

But I’m not really sure how people acces it yet. Through the feed, or what? Needs an option to view the blogs you’re following like that. If you can get out the minor lag spikes, it’d be ideal!

Oh and my blog’s been getting hits like crazy since I started posting about the 3DS. Guess it makes you one of the cool guys when you talk about things that are hip, new and relevant!

That’ll be all for now. I promsie I’ll do my best to get a nice post out tomorrow!
~ Fang

30 03 11

3DS vs NGP

There’s ragewars all over the internets: people posting about their shiny brand new 3DSes and how awesome they are, and PSP users flaming them about getting a NGP.

Honestly, gawd damns it. The 3DS is pretty neat. The 3D is a gimmick? Depends on how you like to game. Aside from that it’s barely been improved? Partly true, but partly not. It’s got tons of new features.

Point being, NGPers are making themselves look like douchebags showing up everywhere telling 3DSers to get the fuck off of their internet and telling them how the 3DS sucks, how Nintendo sucks, and how Sony and its PSP line are master race.

Like touch screens, trippy 3D, convenient dual-screens, and relatively easy-to-pirate games? Get the 3DS.
How about an extra touch screen on the back, for weird new gameplay, two analog sticks, and other superior things which i can’t name because I haven’t really looked at it yet? Get a NGP.

It is indeed. It is indeed. But hey, what do you want? Cheap-ass handhelds for 50 bucks that can’t do anything? It’s been like this for years. At first they’re overpriced, then the prices gradually drop.

Always the same old stuff, haters hating on people who hate the haters back.

That was some quick venting. See you guys tommorow.
~ Fang

29 03 11



Why am I so damn late making my new post? I ain’t even got the time to write something decent now.

Expect something about the 3DS and NGP in the next post, though. Now you have something to look forward to!

In the meantime, have an awesome keyboard.

‘Till next time,
~ Fang

28 03 11

So damn busy

Yeah, I’ve been busy. And procrastinating again. No, that isn’t the best combination ever.

I’ve got a physics test coming up tomorrow, so not looking forward to it. Well, the movement and Newton’s Laws stuff is pretty do-able, I just hope the test isn’t insanely hard.

I’ve also been looking into the 3DS some more, and even tested it in real life yesterday. Shit’s pretty awesome from what I’ve seen!

I may be able to import it from America. It costs 250 dollars there, and over here I pay 250 euros. For your information, 250 dollars translates to about 180 euros. That’s a 70 euro difference. Okay, shipping, but that’ll never be 70 euros.

Besides, flashcards can get around the region lock, right? Right? (Right, guys? Confirm for me please!)

I’ll keep it at that for now. It’s time for me to leave already.

Obligatory unoriginal ending words,
~ Fang

IY‘m currently on the train, with crappy WiFi, and I have no idea when we need to get out, so I’ll keep it short.

We’re returning from a con of sorts, and are using the train for travel. We were hungry, though, so we decided to eat at the McDonals first.
Dumb thing, we didn’t check when the last train would go, and now we were stuck without a train.

After a bit of looking around, we found out we can take a slight detour, and do some train hopping, and we’ll get home eventually. Luckily we all got a day-train-pass, so we can travel by train today without limits.

So yeah, hopefully we’ll manage to get home without too much trouble.

See you tomorrow!
~ Fang