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Really Stupid Injury

Heya folks.

First of all; scare of the day. I just wanted to check on my blog, it gave me an error that I was unable to acces the page. Thinking the site might be semi-down, I checked if my blog was still up. My account and blog were deleted.
I was all like “oh my gosh why in the world” and everything, so I went and verified my account by entering my phone number so Google could text me a verification code. I did, logged in again, and everything was back to normal.
First of all, my account was deleted for “unusual activity”. What is so unusual about my activity? I’m just here, blogging. Maybe yesterday’s shoutout was “suspicious”? I don’t see why I wouldn’t be allowed to help out a great artist…
Second, if you ban an account, why make it so easy for the owner to get it back? Okay, I was glad I got it back, but still. Hard-core abusers and spammers and such will have an easy time with this system. Or is this a milder treatment for the less shady folks?

Anyway, let me get to the point here: 3D movies.

We all know they’re awesome and all; really see everything come at you. Especially usefull in sci-fi and fantasy kind of movies.
A documentary about someone life IS NOT SOMETHING THAT NEEDS 3D. YES, I’M TALKING TO YOU, JUSTIN. Hell, what’s the point? I haven’t seen it myself, but I hate the fact it’s in 3D, nonetheless.

3D is a great tool for enhancing already spectacular movies (and games, but we’re not going there now). BUT, like with all that’s good in our world, if you use it too much, it becomes old and people start wanting something new. 3D is amazing; we don’t want it to get boring, now do we? Nope, we don’t.

It’s used waaay too much nowadays. In movies like Avatar, Tron Legacy, or even Alice in Wonderland, it does a great job bringing out the nice aspects of the movie, literally. But in documentaries, or movies that don’t need such flashy effects, it sometimes even has the opposite effect. You expect spectacular 3D, as you always do when watching a 3D movie, and what do you get? Justin’s hair-flip in 3D, that’s all, nothing spectacular.

So basically I’m calling out to filmproducers to not overdo it. Be modest with the amount of 3D movies you make. The world won’t be waiting for more if there’s already tons of them.

That concludes today’s post, I guess. German test tomorrow, lots of words to remember. Ugh, I’m suck so much at learning plain words.

Have a nice day,
~ Fang


  • 19/02/2011 (5:46 PM)

    I only went to see a 3D movie in a theater once. My eyes hurt after 30 minutes of watching it, not sure it I want to go again.

  • 19/02/2011 (1:18 PM)

    glad you got your account back, though. :)
    and i agree with you completely. 3d movies are good every once in a while when the movie they 3d-fy is something that actually has some 3d-fiable stuff in it. haha. also, i hate it when they forcefully try to convert movies to 3d and all you get is the characters sort of embossed on top of the background and not stuff that pops out at you. :(

  • 18/02/2011 (3:15 PM)

    Hey man, that same thing happened to my account last week. Weird.

    But on topic, I think 3D is just a fad, really. It’s a cool medium, but I think it’s too expensive and too gimmicky to really last.

  • 18/02/2011 (3:09 PM)

    that must be expensive :/

  • 18/02/2011 (8:35 AM)

    Wow, that is scary. Im so addicted to my blog atm, its crazy. I don’t really wanna lose it.

  • 18/02/2011 (5:42 AM)

    I am thankful to get access back. Who remembers every site and every password.
    3D is interesting

  • 18/02/2011 (3:54 AM)

    My gf wants to watch 3d movies all the time, I’m cool with that, but sometimes there are really bad ones and I feel like I’m wasting my money, because I pay at least half price for the normal ones.

  • 18/02/2011 (3:37 AM)

    Maybe they thought you were a bot.
    You must of had a very bot like post.
    Here’s a song for you about bots:

  • 18/02/2011 (3:35 AM)

    It depends on the type of 3D. To men, now, ever since the CGI Beowulf, I have come to enjoy certain 3D movies.

    When I was young, 3D meant stuff popping out here and there, but now 3D means depth of vision. Even when there is nothing “in your face” going on, it feels more immersion because characters in the background are…well, in the background!

    I agree with you (and fear) that Hollywood is going to %$#@!! it all up as they try to milk us for every penny, but this is something we should embrace with cautious arms.

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