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Praise be to ~zod.

As I promised last post, the best tip to not get late is this (thanks to CrazyJuan for submitting it):

I’m horrible for this as well. My advice is this: Get so bad it goes round full circle. If you get bad enough at procrastination, you must come out the other side as a prompt and organized gentleman.

Even though I’m not sure if this actually works for this kind of stuff, props to CrazyJuan for making me smile for a bit.

Moving on, status update. HEADACHE. AND IT’S FREAKING TERRIBLE.
Maybe because of the high chloride level in the local swimming pool, or maybe because, I don’t know, my head hates me on the wrong times.

Speaking of wrong times, or terrible times, to be precise, tomorrow is dramaday at our school. First in history, hope it’s the last. Honestly, why the hell would we want to make a play, so parents can come and see it?
I chose to go and do some photography, but I don’t yet know where they actually put me. Hope it’s not the acting part of the whole thing.

Also, on next week’s Tuesday, I’ll be leaving for Rome. Yes, that fancy dancy place in Italy. Why? School trip. Because I chose to do a tiny study of Latin in second class, I get to go to Rome now (fifth class). Costs a hefty 550 bucks, though. Luckily, my parents having been saving up, and are willing to pay all of it. (Thanks <3) I'll come back on the following Sunday. Well, Monday actually, 1 AM in the morning. AND WE FUCKING HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL WHAT IS THIS. Long story short, I won't be able to do my daily blog posts during that time. I'm probably going to do some scheduled posts, though. And maybe include teeny tiny Rome status updated in them, just to keep you guys updated. Ideas? I'm already planning to do something about religion, Google's monopoly on the internet, and how terribly low on ideas I am lately. Suggestions are more than welcome! (No lulzy stuff, though, I'd like to keep that to a minimum.) CURE MY HEADACHE. ~ Fang


  • 01/03/2011 (10:13 PM)

    Religion and Google’s stranglehold on the new Web are the same topic, these days :)

  • Ada
    01/03/2011 (6:24 AM)

    ROME! Lucky you :DDDD

  • 01/03/2011 (3:05 AM)

    take pictures of Rome!!

  • 01/03/2011 (2:34 AM)

    interesting post ;)

  • G
    01/03/2011 (1:03 AM)

    Enjoy Rome it’s awesome…

  • 01/03/2011 (12:16 AM)

    Bayer Aspirin works really well for my migraines. Try taking one 81mg pill every 4 hours, see if that works.

    Also, please post pictures of Rome!

  • Rob
    01/03/2011 (12:11 AM)

    Have fun in Rome! O:

  • 28/02/2011 (11:46 PM)

    But plays are fun! :)

  • 28/02/2011 (10:10 PM)

    I love your blog, I’m totally following!

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