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That's cool and all, but how many planets does your software run on?

Heya people!

God, it sure is Monday again. Damn, I hate Mondays.
Waking up on Mondays is the most intensive (both mental and physical) sport you’re ever going to get. You’ve slept ’till 2 PM during the weekend, and suddenly you got to get up at 7 AM? That’s ridiculous? Exactly my thoughts, good sir.

We’re also starting with a new chapter in our maths class. It’s chances. Again. FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU
If there’s ever anything I hate more than, well, anything, it’d be chances. Calculating them, predicting how many points Billy will most likely win, that kind of stuff.

I mean, come on, chance doesn’t even exist! (I’ll come back to this some time later.) So why would we want to learn and handle it, in a mathematicious way? It’s somewhat against my principles (well, not my principles, but my beliefs, rather), and it’s just really hard at times, what obviously makes it less fun.

Also, for those of you interested in webcomic-game kind of thingies, I’d strongly recommend Homestuck (click the link to start your adventure!). I haven’t advanced very far because of the somewhat limited time I have, but it seems very, very interesting. Storyline is random, yet strong. Cutscenes are epic. And the way the tale is told is somewhat interactive at times, and extremely well-done.
I’m very addicted, but I need to get some work done, too. Oh Fang, you fail at time-management sometimes.

Oh and one of you mentioned I’ve barely ever really introduced myself, and that you guys know close to nothing about me. I’ll set up an about me page soon enough, I just want the tab links to work properly first.

I’ll be going now. Got to get a haircut (my hair is ENORMOUS, and I like it that way, but it’s just a bit too much and needs a bit of trimming at the moment), really not looking forward to just sitting there for, like, half an hour, doing nothing.

See you folks!
~ Fang


  • 09/02/2011 (9:52 AM)

    ugh. i hate both mondays and math, so i guess we’re on the same page on that. haha.
    i’ll check out the game you recommended later. :)

  • 08/02/2011 (4:21 PM)

    Chance doesn’t exist?

  • Ada
    08/02/2011 (4:56 AM)


    Also, man I hated probability (chances) in school. I was shitty at math and it made me feel even more stupid than usual.

  • 08/02/2011 (3:57 AM)

    Mondays… what an intense sport.

  • 07/02/2011 (9:13 PM)

    You should correct the link to the game. The blogger editor added some weird stuff in front of the actual address.

    Anyway chances are quite simple and intuitive, so you shouldn’t have too much problem with that beside the hate that stems from some mysterious source.

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