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03 02 11

I’m on it!

Hello. Again. Failing introduction fails hard.

So, I got more notes back from the tests I took a little while ago. Ready? You should be. I’ve been making boring school blog posts for quite a while now, so you should be used to it. They’re ending soon enough, though! ;D

It started off good and nice, with a 6.6 for maths. Pretty okay, if I say so myself. Next up, the grade I got for the German formal letter. A 5.2, damnit. It ups my average, okay, but I had expected around at least a six, and hoped for a seven. Blah, lots of errors in the grammar, though. Probably because time was running out and I didn’t really get the chance to careflly look through it for mistakes, but that can’t really be helped, now can it?
Checked my online register, where my grades are displayed up-to-date, and bioogy and physics also got added. A 5.4 for both. I can take such a hit when it comes to biology, but for physics? Nope, not really. Damnit.
But I guess that’s life. Shit happens. Deal with it.

But, wait. I’m on it? What am I on? Well, I’ve started working on a (lucid) dreaming guide for a bit. Some people commented that they had a hard time having lucid dreams, or didn’t know a lot about it but wanted to learn more. I’m writing a beginners guide to lucid dreaming from own experience (as far as I really have it, I’ll pull some information from other sources where neccesary), and people will also get the chance to ask some more in-depth questions.
I first got a question for you guys, though. Is there anything in specific (aside from the basics (about, induction methods)) you want me to cover? I can also set up a small FAQ if you suply me with enough questions here. Just fire away, and I’ll see what I can do!

That’ll really be all for today. Nope, no blog post about Google yet. Stay alert, I might just post it when you least expect it!

Also, this was sent to me a few minutes ago. Shows how awesome monkeys can be.

Clothes? Stupid. Helmet? Good, safety first. Segway? AWESOME.

Have a nice day,
~ Fang


  • 04/02/2011 (4:50 PM)

    HAHAHHA that video.. so awesome. i wonder if they had to translate it to englush?

  • 04/02/2011 (2:32 PM)

    For the record, I don’t think school posts are boring. I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.

  • 04/02/2011 (12:10 PM)

    yay! *sits patiently for lucid dreaming guide* :)
    hopefully, this time i won’t mess up and wake up with sleep paralysis. haha.

  • 04/02/2011 (11:50 AM)

    Always wanted to try some lucid dreaming but not sure if I’d be willing to put the effort in. Ill give it a read when you put it up.

  • 04/02/2011 (5:40 AM)

    I’ve had some dreams recently where I know I’m in a dream but I don’t wake up. pretty interesting…

  • 04/02/2011 (4:21 AM)

    A chimp on a segway!

    But it’s a shame to hear that, man. Best of luck in future, yeah?
    And tell us about you. Your hobbies and whatnot. Unless you’ve already covered that and I missed your post

  • 04/02/2011 (2:01 AM)

    I’ve heard alot of people mention lucid dreaming but I’ve never really heard a decent explanation. That would probably a good place to start. Whatever you decide to do, I’m looking forward to it.

  • 04/02/2011 (1:32 AM)

    Looking forward to your guide on lucid dreaming! Sounds interesting

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