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Or whatever you want to call it.

To get straight to the point, it’s waaay too commercial. Actually, it was born from the crackheads of people who wanted to earn more money.
I mean, honestly, if you truly love somebody, why would only one day be special? Make every day special!

I’m happy, my life is okay, don’t have a lot to complain. It does kind of bug me though, that due to all the commercial stuff around Valentine’s Day, it gets rubbed in your face. You have nobody. Fuck, I don’t even really care right now that I’m single, but they just rub it in like it’s nothing. If your girlfriends just broke up with you. Your girlfriend of over three years, and she broke up with you for some shitty reason or whatnot, you really aren’t waiting for commercials saying stuff like “Win her heart with our new chocolate collection! Now for $49.99 a set!”.

So yeah, that’s basically it for today. Oh and for those wanting to know, my chemistry test went better than last time, so I think I’ll get a decent grade out of that.

Have a Singles Discrimination Day,
~ Fang


  • 16/02/2011 (1:50 AM)

    I’m married, so I have a legal obligation to not say things like “it’s a Hallmark Holiday!” and such.
    (But yes, it is a commercially-driven holiday.)

  • 15/02/2011 (9:13 PM)

    Yeah. Fuck V-day.

  • 15/02/2011 (7:09 PM)

    Last day was an expensive one, bro. I don’t have anything else to add. You were lucky.

  • 15/02/2011 (1:25 PM)

    right you are. i think valentine’s day is just some dolled-up day that was invented to be able feed on all the hopes and expectations of everyone about how it should be spent. also, it’s a great way for all the shops selling lovey-dovey stuff to get more money.

    HAHA. happy effin vday. xD

  • 15/02/2011 (8:38 AM)

    Don’t worry Fang. I love you.

  • 15/02/2011 (4:40 AM)

    being single works out in universal studio rides man.:)
    I am for valentine’s day because sometimes we get too much comfrtable to say that we love to the ones whom we love

  • 15/02/2011 (1:20 AM)

    i’m single with you~

  • G
    15/02/2011 (12:52 AM)

    Got to love stupid reasons to consume more

  • 14/02/2011 (11:32 PM)

    “Make every day special!” Awww… That’s so cute, brings tears to my eyes :’D

  • 14/02/2011 (10:00 PM)

    hahah happy single’s day

  • 14/02/2011 (9:30 PM)

    hahaha werd happy singles discrimination day too!

  • 14/02/2011 (9:16 PM)

    lets throw eggs at couples haha

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