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Continuing on with the recent dreaminess of this blog, and my love for habit of speculating about time, here’s a blog post about the two.

Everyone has probably experienced something similar; doing something, hearing something or seeing something, and having a déjà vu. Not just any déjà vu though; you think you may have dreamt this a while back.

I’ve had this a lot of times now, and it makes you wonder; what the heck?

Today, I’ll be sharing a few theories in a really abstract way, because I haven’t really thought them out in-detail yet. Bear with me, think logically, and if you spot any flaws, point them out!

First, we must define time. What is time, and how are our past, present and future placed relative to each other? Is time actually a straightforward flow, or does it trace back to itself, or skip forward sometimes?

I tend to think that the life we are experiencing is just our minds running through our memories. How come we don’t know our future then? Because we’re rolling through our memories with empty minds, maybe?
Lets just assume that’s true for a second. I know it’s full of holes, and a lot more explanation is needed to create the big picture, but let that be for now.
So, we’re going through our memories with fresh minds, right? During our sleep, there are periods of time where our mind experiences no external influences. Those periods of time are filled with dreams. Random bits of information we picked up in our daily lives. Now, we may be going through our memories with empty minds, but we are still ourselves. Therefore, I think it’s highly possible that sometimes a process hick-ups for a bit, and some memory from later on glitches towards your present. It still is random information, you just didn’t knew of its existence yet.
So, we dream a bit of information from the future, so what? Well, seeing as how it is actually from the future, and will really happen, it’s a big deal. Sadly, this doesn’t happen often enough to label all our dreams “WILL COME TRUE” or something similar. On the bright side, it may be best for us to not know our future, but that’s outside of the scope of this post.

But does time really exist? If we just happily hop through our memories, it feels to us like time is advancing. But is it really? And if it is, is it always advancing from past to future? Maybe there are a few strings of time that backtrack to the past, or maybe skip on towards the future?
May that be how our future enters our dreams? Future strings of time looping back to our present?

Sorry for it all being so abstract, but talking about time is like talking about nichratychlontiregoliquidestan. Don’t get it? Me neither. There is no solid definition of time (yet), so it’s really hard to talk about it in a reasonably understandable manner.

How do you define time, and what are your theories on how dreams about the future occur? Leave a comment, let me know, and I might just get back to you in another post.

Well, I’ll be off. Have a nice Saturday.
~ Fang


  • 13/02/2011 (9:33 PM)

    My definition of time: it sucks. Especially when I’ve got an exam on Tuesday that I haven’t really studied for haha

  • 13/02/2011 (9:00 PM)

    Time does not seem to be a fourth dimension to me. We cannot move in it, cannot change pour position along the dimension and are much more aware of travelling along it than other dimensions While standing still on earth seems stationary, we are actually travelling in all three spatial dimensions relative to the sun and other stars but are unaware of it. Time passing, however, we are aware of as long as we are conscious (and actually even when we aren’t) , But we cannot translate along the time line…neither forward nor back. It is much more as if time ‘flows’ under us rather than we travel along it.

  • 13/02/2011 (4:54 PM)

    Whenever I think about imagining end of the universe[or try to find answers for what is beyong universe] or when I try to dwell in demystifying the dream it takes me nowhere.
    So,I stopped doing it and that brings the wonderful present-today back to me:)

  • 13/02/2011 (3:23 PM)

    I think time is just a series of snapshots. The future, the distant past, and even the ever-fleeting present are just abstract concepts of our minds. All we can ever directly perceive is the very recent past.

  • 13/02/2011 (10:29 AM)

    I find time is best described as a measure of observable decay in myself and my surroundings. =/

  • 13/02/2011 (6:41 AM)

    I don’t want to think about my inevitable future which my dreams had predicted several times: Me, dead.
    So I try to live only in the present or I will be too scared to sleep.

  • 13/02/2011 (3:31 AM)

    Time is the most important thing as I think most people ignore it.!!

  • Rob
    13/02/2011 (2:32 AM)

    I don’t define time, its all relative anyway. Good post yo! And to answer your question, it was just a podcast, its fun to do. I enjoy doing it.

  • G
    13/02/2011 (1:37 AM)

    interesting post – I often wonder if i wake up the same person that went to sleep…if you think about it the only link you have with yesterday is what you remember…there is no continuity of consciousness

  • 13/02/2011 (12:31 AM)

    Penrose believes that human consciousness is possible because neuronal microtubules form a single, quantum-insulated system in our brains — essentially, the wave form stays suspended in such a way that it affects which neurons do and don’t fire. By Wheeler’s interpretation, this means consciousness is inherently a trans-universal, or multiversal, phenomenon; it doesn’t seem too far-fetched to suppose that this effect can reach across time as well.

    tl;dr you are a quantum oracle machine :)

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