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27 02 11

Being late

I‘ve picked up the bad habit of being late, and stuff related to it.

I leave later, causing me to be a bit late at times. I procrastinate more than ever. I don’t keep up with quite a few things.
Oh and I tend to be late with my blog posts for the day. Hehe.

This problem has been getting to me, and it’s kind of peaking right now. I don’t want to be late, I always used to leave in time and everything.
When people are late, I think they should’ve come on time. But now that I sometimes am late myself, I’m like “fuck, how do I fix this?”.

So, how would you fix this? Even if I tell myself I have to leave five minutes earlier, I’ll still head out last-minute, because I know I have those five minutes to spare.

If someone has real good advice on this, I’ll include it in tomorrow’s post
~ Fang


  • 28/02/2011 (5:16 PM)

    i hate being late

  • 28/02/2011 (3:58 PM)

    Set your watch and every clock available to you 5-10 minutes ahead. Leave when you normally would. That way, even if you’re ‘late’ by your time, you’re still on time with everyone else’s time!

  • 28/02/2011 (2:03 PM)

    duuude. i always used to be early as well and was pissed at people who arrived later or when class was already starting. but now, i rely on the same logic: i still have a few minutes to spare, etc. and end up leaving last-minute as well. so basically i don’t have much to bring to the table since i have the same predicament but i try and remind myself of the benefits of being early and try and reward myself if i manage to do things on time. :)

  • 28/02/2011 (8:01 AM)

    I’m horrible for this as well. My advice is this: Get so bad it goes round full circle. If you get bad enough at procrastination, you must come out the other side as a prompt and organized gentleman.

  • Ada
    28/02/2011 (1:25 AM)

    Plan ahead and master the art of calculating travel time/speed :P

  • 27/02/2011 (11:48 PM)

    I always feel like crap when I’m late somewhere.

  • Rob
    27/02/2011 (9:26 PM)

    Get a schedule, or use one in your phone (most phones have that calendar thing right?)

    Reward yourself for being on time, by doing something you enjoy later.

    Or just work hard in advance so you can slack off more later.

    Those are different ways I use to beat being lazy, and late.

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