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Adventure Time!

As I promised last post, the best tip to not get late is this (thanks to CrazyJuan for submitting it):

I’m horrible for this as well. My advice is this: Get so bad it goes round full circle. If you get bad enough at procrastination, you must come out the other side as a prompt and organized gentleman.

Even though I’m not sure if this actually works for this kind of stuff, props to CrazyJuan for making me smile for a bit.

Moving on, status update. HEADACHE. AND IT’S FREAKING TERRIBLE.
Maybe because of the high chloride level in the local swimming pool, or maybe because, I don’t know, my head hates me on the wrong times.

Speaking of wrong times, or terrible times, to be precise, tomorrow is dramaday at our school. First in history, hope it’s the last. Honestly, why the hell would we want to make a play, so parents can come and see it?
I chose to go and do some photography, but I don’t yet know where they actually put me. Hope it’s not the acting part of the whole thing.

Also, on next week’s Tuesday, I’ll be leaving for Rome. Yes, that fancy dancy place in Italy. Why? School trip. Because I chose to do a tiny study of Latin in second class, I get to go to Rome now (fifth class). Costs a hefty 550 bucks, though. Luckily, my parents having been saving up, and are willing to pay all of it. (Thanks <3) I'll come back on the following Sunday. Well, Monday actually, 1 AM in the morning. AND WE FUCKING HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL WHAT IS THIS. Long story short, I won't be able to do my daily blog posts during that time. I'm probably going to do some scheduled posts, though. And maybe include teeny tiny Rome status updated in them, just to keep you guys updated. Ideas? I'm already planning to do something about religion, Google's monopoly on the internet, and how terribly low on ideas I am lately. Suggestions are more than welcome! (No lulzy stuff, though, I'd like to keep that to a minimum.) CURE MY HEADACHE. ~ Fang

27 02 11

Being late

I‘ve picked up the bad habit of being late, and stuff related to it.

I leave later, causing me to be a bit late at times. I procrastinate more than ever. I don’t keep up with quite a few things.
Oh and I tend to be late with my blog posts for the day. Hehe.

This problem has been getting to me, and it’s kind of peaking right now. I don’t want to be late, I always used to leave in time and everything.
When people are late, I think they should’ve come on time. But now that I sometimes am late myself, I’m like “fuck, how do I fix this?”.

So, how would you fix this? Even if I tell myself I have to leave five minutes earlier, I’ll still head out last-minute, because I know I have those five minutes to spare.

If someone has real good advice on this, I’ll include it in tomorrow’s post
~ Fang

26 02 11

Busy, again

Quick status update here.

I haven’t been able to do shit lately. I’m rather addicted to BlueXephos’ videos (check him out on Youtube), and school is starting next week, too.

Honestly, I don’t have anything to write about. I do want you to take a look at this however. I laughed my ass off, literally. Even if you don’t play Minecraft, I think it’s still funny as hell.

Sorry, but I’ll keep it at that.
~ Fang

So if you haven’t checked it out yet, do so now. Yes, right now.

These guys have some pretty hilarious Minecraft videos. Costum maps and all that jazz. Go check them out, too, even if you don’t play and/or like Minecraft. They’re hilarious.

I’m still thinking about what to do for the fic. I’ll definetly be doing something along the lines of yesterday’s post, but I’m not sure exactly what storyline I want to use. I have quite a few in mind, but yeah, deciding is always hard.

Oh and the pins I ordered from Adorability came in the mail today. I’ll include a pic below. They’re pretty good quality and everything. Nice, sturdy pins, good print quality. No complaints, really.
Do note that not all of them are for me. My bag’ll be full of pins if I kept them all for myself.

Do excuse the rather crappy image quality. I don’t really have a camera, so I had to borrow my sister’s 4th gen iPod Touch.

I still haven’t added that semi-realistic self-portrait to my about page, by the way. I’ll… get ’round to doing that tomorrow. Hehe.

See ya,
~ Fang

Continuing on from yesterday’s post.

I asked you guys about your opinions on me getting some fiction going again, and how maybe you guys could have a vote in this. Although most replies were centered around the picture I posted along with it, I got some “yay!”s for a make-your-own-story kind of fiction.

Now, I’m thinking of doing things like this:
I’ll post a new chapter/part to the fiction every Tuesday, Thursday, Saterday and Sunday, sometimes skipping a day.
On Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, I’ll put up a poll with a few possible continuations of the storyline that came to my mind, and you guys get to vote for your favorite. I’ll continue the story using the storyline-part that got the most votes the next time I write again.
On Saturdays, you guys get to throw your own ideas into the comments, and I’ll pick the one I like most and use it in Sunday’s chapter.
Of course, I can also use storylines you guys suggested in the polls, if you come up with something good.

How does it sound? It’s just a general idea of how I may be doing things, but if one of you has a better idea, please tell me!

That’ll be all for now.
~ Fang