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We had this rather interesting discussion a few days ago; what if time were to stop? Of course we wouldn’t be able to observe it if it were to happen, but what would we see if we could?

It was said that if time were to stop, everything would become freezing frick’n cold. This because “time is relative to the vibrations of molecules”, and when time stops, that’d mean the molecules had stopped vibrating. Warmth is caused by the movement of the molecules, in case you didn’t know yet, and when they don’t move, they generate no warmth.

But who is to say that stopping time causes molecules to stop moving? I find it utter nonsense to just assume such a thing. If time stops, I think everything will be saved in the state it’s in. Everything will stop moving, yes, the molecules too, but their warmth won’t go anywhere, because it doesn’t have the time to fade away.
Who knows, time has been stopping every now and then? We have no way of knowing. When time stops, nothing moves, meaning our brains can’t register anything either; not even the absense of any information it may be expecting to recieve. In fact, I don’t think it’d expect anything. It doesn’t have the time to do that.

Even so, can time actually stop? I don’t see why it couldn’t, but I don’t see how it can, either. Why would it? It’s not like it isn’t perfect. Well, maybe it isn’t, but it doesn’t glitch up and throw matter from the current time to somewhere in a distant past, so all should be fine, right? Messing up like that is nothing like stopping its flow, however. Just stopping the flow seems much more simpler.

I’m terribly sorry if that didn’t make any sense. In a face-to-face conversation I’d normally have used tons and tons of weird hand gestures to explain what I mean. Even with those, it probably won’t be much more understandable, but that may be because we’re talking about something really abstract here. Something we can’t observe, even though we experience it all the time.

Please do feel free to leave a comment with your thought on the matter, or get a discussion going. I may just get back to you in a future blogpost, and keep this stuff going for a while.

See you next time,
~ Fang


  • 23/01/2011 (9:38 PM)

    I wonder, if someone could stop time and yet still move, how a person’s actions would affect the world that is frozen still. Would nothing happen to everything that they interact with/could they interact with/move anything at all? Or perhaps moving things or touching them would cause them to be destroyed because of the impossible velocity of the thing touching them, or the impossible amount of energy that would be required to make the interaction happen instantaneously. (in the vantage point of the frozen)

    I like your style of writing/thinking, it seems active, and sort of all over the place. I find my thinking much like that, anyway. Perhaps I am simply projecting.

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