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28 01 11

Test week; 5/8

Phew, kind of tired actually. Luckily the weekend is just around the corner!

That said, today was friday. Third day of the test week. As said, I had an English listening test and a Dutch literature history test today.

The audio part of the listening test was really, very easy. The video part was a bit harder, but still quite managable. Should be an okay grade, right there.
The video part, in case you are interrested, was about, well, happiness. What may be needed for happiness, how our society gets less and less happy, and how the government should try to make people feel less miserable. Nothing that interesting, but interesting enough to make me not lose focus.

The Dutch literature history one was a bit tougher, but still quite do-able. Not going to bore you with the details, they’re boring anyway.

Also, much thanks to you guys reading. Again. Great to hear my English is that good!

Other than that, I really have nothing to talk about at the moment. Do expect a blog post on how Google is somewhat monopolising the internet nowadays during the weekend, though!

Happy Friday!
~ Fang


  • 29/01/2011 (8:55 PM)

    Glad to hear things went well mate :)

  • 29/01/2011 (5:30 PM)

    i agree with balmfooey. great job man. i have been wanting to learn a foreign language as well

  • 29/01/2011 (4:40 PM)

    I went to netherlands once and I was lost and I asked a guy: “do you speak english”. He said that he did a little bit, then I asked him for directions, and he gave me this whole detailed info on how to get there

    so im sure ur english is great!

  • 29/01/2011 (4:14 PM)

    Enjoy the weekend after your test week and I am looking forward to the evil Google article.

  • 29/01/2011 (3:31 PM)

    Glad to hear it!

  • p
    29/01/2011 (2:21 PM)


  • 29/01/2011 (9:32 AM)

    Thanks for your comment on my blogs .
    Are you studding dutch, english and german ?.

  • Ada
    29/01/2011 (6:40 AM)

    There is a video listening test? That’s very cool actually :)

  • 29/01/2011 (6:20 AM)

    Good to hear you are doing well! :)

  • 29/01/2011 (3:25 AM)

    That video sounded pretty interesting to me. I think governments should focus on keeping it’s residents happy.

  • 29/01/2011 (3:22 AM)

    I must agree with the others. Your English is quite good.

  • 29/01/2011 (3:13 AM)

    I’m actually a bit intrigued since I know nothing about the history of Dutch literature.

  • 28/01/2011 (10:49 PM)

    man, your english is better than that of most of the kids i know. damn netherlands school system.

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