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27 01 11

Test week; 3/8

Heute war die Tag dass ich meine Deutsch Prüfung machte.

Writing a formal letter in German? Pretty easy.
Getting all the grammar right? Hmmyeah, that’s the hard part.
Went pretty okay, though. Needed a minimum of 150 words, and had a max of 200. Thought I was almost over the limit already, so wrote shorter sentences. Counting, at the end. 151 words. Okay… Didn’t have enough time to add much more, so I left it be. Went well enough, I hope.

Also, I want to clarify something. I ain’t really doing exams just yet. Okay, some of the grades from these tests count towards your exam average, but that is’t the case with all of them. Exams are next year… If I pass this year, that is.

Two tests tomorrow. English listening test, and Dutch literature history. Studies almost two hours at school for Dutch, and going to run through it once more this evening, so I think it’s going to be alright. English? Piece of cake, just watch me.

By the way, I really appriciate the support I get from you guys, all the encouraging messages and such. There’s some really nice people on the internet. Thanks, y’all!

See you guys tomorrow!
~ Fang


  • 29/01/2011 (4:44 AM)

    Oh German & grammar…

  • 28/01/2011 (1:46 PM)

    English listening test should be easy for you since you watch English TV shows. So I’ll wish you luck mainly for the literature one

  • 28/01/2011 (10:43 AM)

    You’ll blow the competition out of the water. Good luck!

  • 28/01/2011 (4:16 AM)

    Its so much easier to learn if you visit the country. I went to Costa Rica and picked up a lot of spanish

  • 28/01/2011 (3:02 AM)

    You write so well in English, that exam gonna be a piece of cake.

  • Ada
    28/01/2011 (2:40 AM)

    Your English is actually really good, I was surprised that it’s not your first language!

    Following and supporting! :)

  • 27/01/2011 (11:13 PM)

    I need to spread my horizons with languages. I only know english :(. It’s cool your writing in German. Anyways good luck with your letter!

  • 27/01/2011 (11:10 PM)

    Doing great, mate!
    And you’ll ace English and Dutch. Easy! :)

  • 27/01/2011 (10:02 PM)

    Ya I know you’ll do really good Ace. Just try not to spend too much time on school stuff, that never gets anyone anywhere LOL!

    World of Warcraft Cheats @

  • 27/01/2011 (9:59 PM)

    I don’t think I have ever heard someone speak dutch before. Is it similar to any other common language out there?

  • 27/01/2011 (9:46 PM)

    If you have a creative imagination, I recommend finding an online role playing site and enrolling in an english language. I have a friend from Finland that this helped tremendously.

  • 27/01/2011 (8:11 PM)

    Native language is Dutch, in case you were wondering. I hate it, though. Too many rules, and too many exceptions to said rules.

  • 27/01/2011 (8:05 PM)

    I wish I was learning another language. What is your native language?

  • 27/01/2011 (7:25 PM)

    I don’t know about your pronunciation, but your written English is impeccable. Congratulations.

  • 27/01/2011 (6:25 PM)

    i hated the German when i was in highschool. i sucked xD

  • 27/01/2011 (5:23 PM)

    German, Dutch, AND English?
    Wow, I’ve only studied Japanese.
    In High School I technically took French but I didn’t learn a damn thing besides je mange le bonbon.

  • 27/01/2011 (4:47 PM)

    speaking in another language? easy. making sense? hard

  • 27/01/2011 (4:40 PM)

    I took Spanish for 5 years in High School, and the vocabulary wasn’t what killed me — it was the grammar.

    Anyway, good luck on your tests!

  • 27/01/2011 (4:28 PM)

    I agree. I’m sure you’ll do fine.

  • 27/01/2011 (3:53 PM)

    @ Chris: You think so? Thanks! I’m slightly aware of my above-average English when I see the writings and stuff of people in my English classes. Maybe because I’ve been on the internet, and watched English tv with subtitles since, well, ever? My pronounciation is terrible, though D:|

  • 27/01/2011 (3:49 PM)

    I have no doubt you will do well in English I can tell because you write so well :)

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