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Happy Sunday, people!

That being said, my Sunday isn’t my typical sunday. Have been studying hard for chemistry, lots of practicing. And it’s still hard. Just hope I don’t completely screw up the test. Want a six, minimum. Hope that’s doable.
(Here in the Netherlands, we have a numeric grade system. Don’t know if you’re familiar with it, but a one is the worst you can get, ten the best. Everything in between pretty much speaks for itself.)
Having computer science, too. We have to learn what different kinds of software there are (system apps, user-end apps, shareware, freeware, etc.), what a bitmap is, that kind of stuff. If you chose computer sciences, and you don’t know that, you’re definetly doing something wrong, I think.

Not much more content in this blog, besides the following.
This song has been stuck in my had for a week now. Which is terribly long, seeing as how I listen to music a lot. It’s Wind, by Akeboshi, mostly known for being the first outro to the anime series Naruto. Akeboshi is a great artist, mostly makes soft rock and/or folk (tough genres don’t say a lot, will do a blog post about that, too). Check him out if you want!

(Don’t mind the accent, he’s Japanese. His accent is still a lot less hearable than with most artists, though.)

Hope I survive tomorrow,
~ Fang

Just practiced the crap out of myself with chemistry, for three hours long. Longest learning streak in, well, EVER. Extremely very tired. Still got a few excercises to go, but fuck it, I’m going to sleep. If I do’t get a freaking six or higher I’ll be so pissed. D:(


  • 31/01/2011 (8:04 PM)

    i love lyrics of that song

  • 31/01/2011 (5:29 PM)

    Can’t help but love Japanese English, its so terrible, yet it feels very pleasant to listen to as well. Sometimes you think they just insert random words into their text, just to have something to sing. But it feels like Akeboshi at least cares a bit about the lyrics.

  • 31/01/2011 (4:20 PM)

    Good luck to you, as always

  • 31/01/2011 (2:18 PM)

    It’s weird how every country has different grading system. In Czech republic, we have 1(best)-5(worst) during primary and secondary education and 1-3(pass), 4(fail) at university

  • 31/01/2011 (1:31 PM)

    good luck, just remember, practise makes perfect :)

    supportingg bro

  • 31/01/2011 (8:22 AM)

    That computer science sounds easy. >:O Where’s the programming?

  • 31/01/2011 (4:31 AM)

    Your numerical system kinda sounds like ours, just divided by 10. But good luck on your test man. I’ll be in your shoes in just a few weeks. :\

  • 31/01/2011 (4:14 AM)

    I want to go to Holland! ;_;

    Good luck on your test. xD

  • 31/01/2011 (3:39 AM)

    Hope your test goes well man! :)

  • 31/01/2011 (2:30 AM)

    In Croatia, we also have a numeric grade system but from 1 (worst) to 5 (best).
    Also, rock that exam! :)

  • 31/01/2011 (2:19 AM)

    hey nice blog! :)

  • 31/01/2011 (1:23 AM)

    Good luck with that chemistry.
    We actually have an even weirder system here where I live, with 1 being the best and 5 being the worst. I guess it corresponds to the American ABCDF system (but that’s not necessarily a good thing :P).

  • 31/01/2011 (1:19 AM)

    Good luck on your results!

  • 31/01/2011 (12:58 AM)

    Where I live we have a 1-6 numeric grading system, weird stuff…

  • 31/01/2011 (12:58 AM)

    happy sunday to you too, however now i have this song stuck in my head too >:( Following from

  • 31/01/2011 (12:00 AM)

    Good luck with the test man; I know how it is to worry about these sorts of things, and computers of all subjects are hard.

    ~Randall A.

  • 30/01/2011 (11:26 PM)

    I hate chemistry haha… Good luck on your test though!

  • 30/01/2011 (11:01 PM)

    Best of luck for your chemistry test !
    And that song wasn’t bad at all thought I wouldn’t like it but i didn’t mind it at all.

  • 30/01/2011 (10:11 PM)

    Hey, happy sunday! And great stuff, I actually really enjoy foreign music and stuff.. mostly russian. Anyways, a follow would be nice :-)

  • 30/01/2011 (9:57 PM)

    Happy Sunday to you as well! Good luck on your test. :D

  • 30/01/2011 (9:55 PM)

    The numeric grading system that you guys use sounds a lot more practical than the standard one we’ve got here in the states.

  • 30/01/2011 (9:50 PM)

    hey that song was pretty good. im following.
    Click my name to view and follow my blogs!

  • Anonymous
    30/01/2011 (8:54 PM)

    And Akaboshi uses a frikkin panflute in Wind. :3

    This song made me stop lurking o___O

  • 30/01/2011 (8:00 PM)

    I’m doing computer science as my main course. We are learning Java just now, it is pretty good. At least you don’t need to put in any studying for compsci just now then?

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