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That’s right, I almost forgot.
Why? I’ve been practicing my ass of with chemestry. And it’s still hard.

The test is on Monday, along with computer science. Nobody has any idea what we have to study for the latter, though. I also shouldn’t forget to mention biology, on Tuesday. Tuesday also marks the last day of the test week. Will be very glad when it’s over. Have worked harder for these tests than I ever have (never worked really hard, mind you), so it’d better pay off good.

Ah, yes, I finally installed Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 today. I was still running the 2004 version, so it was about time I updated it.
Now, problem being, Microsoft Messenger for Mac, is a real fucking pain in the butt. It’s usually for of bugs, and rarely gets updated. Now, version 8 looks sleek and everything, and I could backup most files from 7 to throw them into 8’s preference files, but that isn’t so easy for costum screen images and emotes. 8 uses an entirely different way of saving them, and I couldn’t find a way to manually make them comatible.
Luckily, most of my costum emotes come from the internet, and are easily findable, but some aren’t. So I had to go through the hassle of sending them to a friend, switching to Messenger 8, and having him send them back, so I can add them. It wasn’t a lot of work, but it was still unnecesarry work.

Other than that, I’m pleased with version 8 so far. Lots of fixes for tiny things that bugged me, and video chat is now supported, even though I have no webcam or such.
Probably going to try to convert my old screen image databasa to image files, and see if I can re-add them, so I don’t have to go and search for those, too.

Don’t know if you can expect the post about Google this weekend. I’m probably going to be busy with chemistry tomorrow, too.

Bye, ’till next time!
~ Fang


  • 30/01/2011 (7:38 PM)

    Ew, chemistry. Been there, never want to go back, haha. Good luck on all of your tests, though!

  • 30/01/2011 (6:48 PM)

    Chem was hell for me, so I can completely relate. Good luck with the test! Study like hell!

  • 30/01/2011 (5:38 PM)

    Ughhhhh Chemistry saps so much of my academic enjoyment…

  • 30/01/2011 (4:45 PM)

    Good luck with your test mate, tried Chemistry for one year and realized quickly that I wasn’t cut out for that. Better study hard or you’ll regret it on test day.

  • 30/01/2011 (3:10 PM)

    Hooray for chemistry!

  • 30/01/2011 (3:05 PM)

    chemistry is really hard. I did it last year. Interesting blog. Followed.

  • Ada
    30/01/2011 (4:03 AM)

    I noticed that about Mac things for PCs and vice versa – they’re almost always annoying to set up.

  • 30/01/2011 (2:25 AM)

    Wes it werth the work to get office up and runing, I was thing about upgrading to Office for Mac 2011.

  • 29/01/2011 (10:52 PM)

    Good luck with Chem and CS. If you need help with either, feel free to message me, but I will probably be more help with CS haha.

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