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24 01 11

Darned templates

Heya folks!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been messing with the blog’s theme for a bit. I finally managed to get the header look the same as the rest of the body, but it still is rather large. I’ve fiddled with all kinds of heights in the CSS and all, but no luck so far. If any of you happen to know how to make my header smaller, so that the posts are closer to the top, then help will be much appriciated!

Yeah, I kind of hate templates. First and foremost, they simply aren’t creative most of the time. Everybody is using them, it’s not something unique. Of course you can edit them and all, but it will never be yours at the core.

Besides, they can be a real pain in the ass to edit most of the time. I know my share of HTML, but it still is really quite hard. You have to look through all the code to kind of understand how they placed everything, and then you got to edit parts of it, which you first have to search for where they are. If you make your own design from scratch, you can name everything the way you always do, sort it the way you always do, and quickly grow familiar with your code. When you’re familiar with your code, life becomes a lot easier.

Now you’re probably wondering why I haven’t started my own Blogger (what do I call it? Blogger or Blogspot?) design from scratch yet. Well, thing being, I can be lazy, and it takes a lot of time to design and build a site around a predefined structure. I simply don’t want to spend that much time on something that’s fairly restricted anyway (I believe you can’t just throw in any code into the code editor, it’s got to be a blog code). I may get round to doing it sometimes, but don’t expect anything any time soon.

About nothing soon, the test week is coming closer and closer, so I’ll most likely get less active in the coming two weeks, just so you know.

See you next time,
~ Fang

Forgot to update this. As you can see I’ve fixed this. In case you’re wondering, set the “margin top” in the below piece of code (taken from the template code) to 0px, or any number you desire.
.main-outer {
margin-top: $(main.cap.height);
background: $(main.background);
I may just get around to make the footer smaller too, but I tried for a little bit, and it seems a lot harder to find (also because it has the footer widget in it).
See ya!


  • 25/01/2011 (7:07 AM)

    Looks good to me now!


    -K of

  • 25/01/2011 (2:44 AM)

    Well, your blog looks pretty nice. :] For a noob template, anyway.

  • Rob
    24/01/2011 (10:00 PM)

    I just gave my 3 blogs the same background, but a slightly different template design out of boredom.

  • 24/01/2011 (6:30 PM)

    I’ve left mine the way it was; I’m completely incapable when it comes to such things. :D
    Following and supporting!

  • 24/01/2011 (6:28 PM)

    Updated the blog post. Fixed it and all. Thanks for the tips though!

  • 24/01/2011 (6:27 PM)

    I like this template alot. Maybe my only complaint might be that the text is small? I dunno but awesome blog :D

  • 24/01/2011 (6:21 PM)

    I know what you mean, I think my blog could look a lot better. Need to experiment quite a bit in order to find something that is good.

  • 24/01/2011 (6:06 PM)

    I cant wait to rid my blog of the darn template, as for you problem with the header I’m not sure how but I guess there is a way to edit the html. On different browsers there’s a website debugging tool normally f10 and you can mouse over areas and it should tell you what bit of the code it is, maybe you can then edit that? Hope this might help you.

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