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31 01 11

Test week; 7/8

Oh boy, more test week logs.

Second to last day of the test week today, and I must say, I’m pretty fucking tired by now. Had computer sciences and chemistry today.

Computer sciences was cake. “What are databasemanegmentapplications?” Well, uhm, maybe, like, applications that let you manage your databases? Pffft, they could’ve made the questions a bit more tricky.

Chemistry? Don’t fucking talk about it, if you will. Like I said in the update of my previous post, I studied and practiced for three hours straight. That’s by far a personal record. THREE FREAKING HOURS.
So, test starts, first two questions go pretty meh, almost bad. Those are the ones I hadn’t really practiced, because they were about theory I thought I knew anyway. So I was like “meh, it’s okay, I still got four more”. Next four questions were mostly of the type I practiced during those three hours.
You can give me a hundred of those practice excersises, and I’ll ace them all, but those questions on the test were completely different. You had to do the same, but everything was just so… Shitty. Needless to say, I completely fucked up, especially after I realised that.

FEELS SO DAMN BAD MAN. All I needed was a 6.7 or higher for this test, and I would be just peachy again. But no, apparently that’s just too much to ask for!

Well, no use in staying depressed with it, I guess. Better not fuck up biology tomorrow.

~ Fang

Happy Sunday, people!

That being said, my Sunday isn’t my typical sunday. Have been studying hard for chemistry, lots of practicing. And it’s still hard. Just hope I don’t completely screw up the test. Want a six, minimum. Hope that’s doable.
(Here in the Netherlands, we have a numeric grade system. Don’t know if you’re familiar with it, but a one is the worst you can get, ten the best. Everything in between pretty much speaks for itself.)
Having computer science, too. We have to learn what different kinds of software there are (system apps, user-end apps, shareware, freeware, etc.), what a bitmap is, that kind of stuff. If you chose computer sciences, and you don’t know that, you’re definetly doing something wrong, I think.

Not much more content in this blog, besides the following.
This song has been stuck in my had for a week now. Which is terribly long, seeing as how I listen to music a lot. It’s Wind, by Akeboshi, mostly known for being the first outro to the anime series Naruto. Akeboshi is a great artist, mostly makes soft rock and/or folk (tough genres don’t say a lot, will do a blog post about that, too). Check him out if you want!

(Don’t mind the accent, he’s Japanese. His accent is still a lot less hearable than with most artists, though.)

Hope I survive tomorrow,
~ Fang

Just practiced the crap out of myself with chemistry, for three hours long. Longest learning streak in, well, EVER. Extremely very tired. Still got a few excercises to go, but fuck it, I’m going to sleep. If I do’t get a freaking six or higher I’ll be so pissed. D:(

That’s right, I almost forgot.
Why? I’ve been practicing my ass of with chemestry. And it’s still hard.

The test is on Monday, along with computer science. Nobody has any idea what we have to study for the latter, though. I also shouldn’t forget to mention biology, on Tuesday. Tuesday also marks the last day of the test week. Will be very glad when it’s over. Have worked harder for these tests than I ever have (never worked really hard, mind you), so it’d better pay off good.

Ah, yes, I finally installed Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 today. I was still running the 2004 version, so it was about time I updated it.
Now, problem being, Microsoft Messenger for Mac, is a real fucking pain in the butt. It’s usually for of bugs, and rarely gets updated. Now, version 8 looks sleek and everything, and I could backup most files from 7 to throw them into 8’s preference files, but that isn’t so easy for costum screen images and emotes. 8 uses an entirely different way of saving them, and I couldn’t find a way to manually make them comatible.
Luckily, most of my costum emotes come from the internet, and are easily findable, but some aren’t. So I had to go through the hassle of sending them to a friend, switching to Messenger 8, and having him send them back, so I can add them. It wasn’t a lot of work, but it was still unnecesarry work.

Other than that, I’m pleased with version 8 so far. Lots of fixes for tiny things that bugged me, and video chat is now supported, even though I have no webcam or such.
Probably going to try to convert my old screen image databasa to image files, and see if I can re-add them, so I don’t have to go and search for those, too.

Don’t know if you can expect the post about Google this weekend. I’m probably going to be busy with chemistry tomorrow, too.

Bye, ’till next time!
~ Fang

28 01 11

Test week; 5/8

Phew, kind of tired actually. Luckily the weekend is just around the corner!

That said, today was friday. Third day of the test week. As said, I had an English listening test and a Dutch literature history test today.

The audio part of the listening test was really, very easy. The video part was a bit harder, but still quite managable. Should be an okay grade, right there.
The video part, in case you are interrested, was about, well, happiness. What may be needed for happiness, how our society gets less and less happy, and how the government should try to make people feel less miserable. Nothing that interesting, but interesting enough to make me not lose focus.

The Dutch literature history one was a bit tougher, but still quite do-able. Not going to bore you with the details, they’re boring anyway.

Also, much thanks to you guys reading. Again. Great to hear my English is that good!

Other than that, I really have nothing to talk about at the moment. Do expect a blog post on how Google is somewhat monopolising the internet nowadays during the weekend, though!

Happy Friday!
~ Fang

27 01 11

Test week; 3/8

Heute war die Tag dass ich meine Deutsch Prüfung machte.

Writing a formal letter in German? Pretty easy.
Getting all the grammar right? Hmmyeah, that’s the hard part.
Went pretty okay, though. Needed a minimum of 150 words, and had a max of 200. Thought I was almost over the limit already, so wrote shorter sentences. Counting, at the end. 151 words. Okay… Didn’t have enough time to add much more, so I left it be. Went well enough, I hope.

Also, I want to clarify something. I ain’t really doing exams just yet. Okay, some of the grades from these tests count towards your exam average, but that is’t the case with all of them. Exams are next year… If I pass this year, that is.

Two tests tomorrow. English listening test, and Dutch literature history. Studies almost two hours at school for Dutch, and going to run through it once more this evening, so I think it’s going to be alright. English? Piece of cake, just watch me.

By the way, I really appriciate the support I get from you guys, all the encouraging messages and such. There’s some really nice people on the internet. Thanks, y’all!

See you guys tomorrow!
~ Fang