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Five years?!
19 11 17

Do not

I sure can tell it’s Sunday today.

“Yes, plenty of free time today. Let’s do leisure activities x and y in between working on serious activity z.” I proceeded to do exactly none of those things. Instead, I opted to wander aimlessly around my house, surf aimlessly around the web, and just be kind of a bum in general. And it wasn’t even all hard work I wanted to do!

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18 11 17

Then make it so

“Doctor, I see ads when watching Youtube videos on Youtube.” “Well then don’t watch them on Youtube.”

I’ve been fiddling with uBlock ever since putting it into medium mode and switching over to Firefox. It’s working well for me, but Youtube ads it still can’t seem to deal with. Even though I hadn’t seen those in years! A proper solution seems far away. But I have something even better: a media player.

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I believe it was half a year ago, there was a time where keeping up with all the Urbit chat activity was impossible.

It was just too busy, just too much scrollback generated throughout the night. No way you could get through it all during your short commute to work. Those were interesting, exciting times. As they still are today, of course, but activity seems to have shifted away from chat a bit.

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16 11 17

The deets

It’s all about the little thing, man.

I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy with a browsing experience as I have been with the past full day of Firefox. Performance is great, and Tree Style Tabs are an absolute gamechanger: not just vertical tabs, but vertical nestable tabs. Lists can’t be cluttered, right?

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15 11 17


I just realized I missed the chance to title yesterday’s post “back to the fast”.

That’s not important though, because I have something much worse to confess. It brings me great pain to write these words, but I guess this is also the first step towards my salvation. To put it simply, I am not a very tidy person. Left to my own devices, I don’t regularly clean things up. Clutter accumulates, and “eh no big deal” turns into “too big, won’t deal”. This happens in both digital and physical worlds. The latter is a slightly larger problem.

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