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Support problems

Endless iterating, exactly the kind of task a computer might one day be good at. What a day that will be.

Maybe we’re losing the ability to recognize the original. Is this a psy-ops?

If you saw him sitting on a park bench, like he does, you wouldn’t see anything but a normal man. As soon as he’d stand up and walk though… Leaps and bounds, like gravity was halved for him. Nearly floating, five seconds between steps, completely off the ground.

He exited a building a few stories up once. Doesn’t do that anymore, it makes people too panicky.

15 06 18


Open source is easy. Just use the software, and if you find something funky, leave a comment or file an issue. Maybe even suggest a solution.

It doesn’t sound like much, and it isn’t for you, but developers can really get a boost out of that!

14 06 18

Old man cruiser

My dad has suddenly gotten all hype about longboards. He tagged along for my skating practice a couple times, and kept going on about how cool it would be if he had a longboard so we could go out and practice together.

Well, father’s day is soon, so…

13 06 18

Baby strides

I continue to be able to go forward on skates. Can even pick up the speed a little! But I shouldn’t, because I still don’t know how to stop quickly, and haven’t even bothered practicing turns yet. Let’s just work on my balance first.