Fang Talks

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Off by one

Nothing like realizing, after a long and arduous search, that the number you typed in a couple months ago should’ve been just a little bit larger.

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King of the Wall

There’s a climbing gym only a couple blocks away from the place I’m staying. Went with a friend who has a membership there, it got me in for free. Never done any climbing or bouldering before, but it was great! Even managed to clear a path of the second-lowest difficulty. Should probably go back more often, it seems like a fun thing to get good at.

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Longest process

You hit a button, then watch a meter fill up. Slowly. Surely, but slowly. You can swear it wasn’t this far along yesterday. Maybe tomorrow it’ll reach the next tick? You can only hope.

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Last minute

I mentioned yesterday how I’m going to be doing public speaking again soon.
Almost got roped into a bonus round of that today, was gonna maybe do a Q&A as last-minute stand-in for a speaker who fell ill. Small-time stuff, but still, got me kind of excited. Last-minute changes to the last-minute changes meant that didn’t go as re-planned though. At least we still ended up with a great talk!