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21 02 17

Build to test

Because those who have been tested will not fall.

Had a fun exchange at work today. A colleague told me a thing or two about unit testing. This was covered awfully briefly during my studies, and I had read some things about it online, but a large part of my image consisted of very strong pros and cons of the practice. That’s what you get for learning from the internet, I guess.

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20 02 17


Working for a big company has its perks.

Happy workers are efficient workers. Culture plays a big role in that, but everything else secondary to salary also plays a really important role. Big companies have big money, and thus plenty of resources to make that happen. Transport costs, insurance, smartphones, lease cars. It’s not like you can just hand them out like candy, but might be something for people to work towards.

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19 02 17


Stayed at home all weekend, but it’s still been quite a wild one.

It’s strange. There’s nothing about my current situation to be unhappy about: I’m living in a good environment, have a steady job where there is still much for me to learn, and get to do cool things in my spare time. And yet, here I am, contemplating whether I should change it all up. You know, for the greater good.

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18 02 17

In on the action

Better early than never.

Back when Apple still put out decent products, my dad would frequently tell us of one of his biggest regrets. During his younger years, he had the opportunity to get in on some Apple stock. This was before it boomed into the giant white-and-grey tech-giant it is today, so he would have gotten in at the ground floor more or less. For whatever reason, he didn’t. Not a single share. He could’ve reaped an enormous profit off even the tiniest stock, if he had had it.

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17 02 17

So distracted

I don’t have thirty-something browser tabs open just for the fun of it, okay?

It happens disturbingly often that I get distracted by something while trying to focus my efforts on a single unit of work. Maybe there’s a discussion somewhere I want to read deeper into, my mind will wander, or I recall I was trying to get something else done instead. Don’t get me wrong, I like being able to jump from one thing to the next to combat monotony, but there’s also a line that can be crossed.

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