Fang Talks

I've been places.

I’m trying not to be pissed about this. Though the title may suggest otherwise, I have mostly calmed down.

Go out to the piers, I thought, visit that cute donut shop a friend mentioned. I visited more touristy shops than I care to admit, but at least I can say I’ve hit my quota for this trip. When I returned to my bike, the helmet I left on my handlebars like some kind of idiot was still there. What wasn’t there, was my seat. Some motherfucking decided it’d be worth stealing my bike’s seat, pole and all.

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25 07 17

Make your bed!

If nothing else, at least you’ve accomplished that today!

Once you’ve made your bed, you already have that out of the way. Today is already a productive day. No more pressure of making it one, so just go and do whatever! Sounds like terrible advice? You’ll be surprised how much having done a single small thing can help you kickstart your day. It gets your momentum going, so all you have to do is keep it up.

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24 07 17

A deal to steal

I’m telling you, for real!

Sometimes you come across an opportunity you just have to seize. When the stars align and everything works out. Best Buy is selling one specific external hard drive with a heavy discount. What they don’t tell you, is that inside of those cases is a drive that strongly exceeds the value it’s being sold for. Data hoarders across the internet are scurrying to there local stores to nab these things, and I’m joining in on the fun.

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23 07 17

Just ideas

Lots of first steps, but rarely further.

Lately I’ve been overflowing with ideas. Prompts for short stories, tiny worldbuilding details, interesting visuals to experiment with, game mechanics worth exploring, more Ghost Roommate skits. And I’ve been writing them all down… but that really is the extent of what I’ve been doing.

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22 07 17

Out of control

I witnessed something interesting.

Someone posted a screenshot of some text, a transcript of an interview with Trump, in which the president mentions how balloons are so majestic because nobody knows how they stay afloat. It got thousands of retweets. Shortly after, a follow-up tweet was posted, by the same person, stating it “was a parody. I did fake news 🙄😑”. Only a handful of likes and retweets. The “parody” tweet wasn’t deleted. But that’s not even the weirdest part here.

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