Fang Talks

19 04 18

And another one

Another one of those days.

Just when I had started making steady progress on my main task again, I get pulled into firefighting once more. It never ends, does it? Alpha software really keeps on giving. Not gonna lie though, it’s a bit of a problem. And we know it is! The problem is that this just isn’t solved as easily as it’s identified.

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18 04 18

Time shenanigans

I don’t know what it is about them that makes them so good.

Probably execution? There’s this great big filter that determines whether something makes its way into my consumption stream or not. It’s not unlikely that things with plots that involve time shenanigans only make it in if they’re actually good. Or, you know, don’t suck ass at the very least.

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You can crash if you go too fast.

I recently discovered that the issue I’ve been having with my knees is also called runner’s knee. Now, if my physiologist had told me that at the time I would’ve actually been able to find some decent discussion on the topic. Better late than never I suppose. Right now, I’ll take all the advice I can get.

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16 04 18

Not made to last

Old age is killing us.

Our bodies deteriorate. It just happens. There is only so much punishment our biological machinery can withstand. Eventually, it caves. No longer able to provide the protection it once did, it sits idly as our bones crumble, our skin withers, and our cells become cancers. But what more awaits us once we overcome those?

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We don’t venture into the eastern woods. But accidents happen.

I recall being sent out to forage. “Don’t wander too deep.” As dangerous as it was, and I didn’t know why, the fruits in those trees were much too valuable to pass up. The territory was uncharted as far as I had been told. Uncharted because of the fearsome creatures that lurked there after dark. Uncharted because generation after generation had grown up in fear of those legends. And those why tried conquering those fears, they never returned.

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