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what's good in the %hood?

As if it doesn’t matter where I go.

Technology connects the world. As long as yo have an internet connection, there exists a space which you can access regardless of your physical location. Almost like a telepathic meeting space for people and their information. It allows you to always have someplace familiar close by, someplace you can go to see friendly faces you know and love, and act as if nothing is all that different from normal. And in that space, it isn’t.

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26 06 17


Did I ever get mad about maths before? Let me get mad about maths.

My educational background is sorely lacking in the maths department. Something about a teacher recommending against me taking “”advanced”” maths even though the topics that covered were the only ones I was actually good at. Something about a software engineering study without so much as a single maths class. And I feel like it’s left me behind.

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25 06 17

Or later

It’s summer! And do you know what that means?

There’s a Steam Summer Sale going on right now! That means you could be buying games from your wishlist at great discounts right now! And if you’re serious about ever getting those, you better do it quick, because they won’t be on sale for much longer than right now.

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I stepped on my bike this morning, and it felt as if it had gotten smaller.

Nothing hugely significant, it just felt a bit off. Heavy pedaling was harder, I seemed closer to the ground, but maybe that was because I hadn’t been out of bed long? I continue on my merry way, arrive at my destination, and hike around for a bit. I step on again, same thing. A couple of red lights later, and suddenly I fall directly downward!

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23 06 17

Visual aid

Sometimes you just need to pen down some scribbles.

It’s strange how simple some things can become when you try to represent them visually. It doesn’t even have to be very accurate to reality or anything, a quick sketch alone can be enough to get your wheels turning in just the right way. By moving the problem into a different medium, from your head onto paper, you’re more or less forced to evaluate all aspects of it. Complex translations like these aren’t easily made if you don’t, even just subconsciously.

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