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23 04 17

Player of games

It’s been a while.

Somehow I managed to get my hands on an old, unused Xbox 360 controller. No battery pack, no cables, nothing. Luckily you can order aftermarket versions of those things from China for really cheap, and if you’re okay with fiddling for a little bit those actually work too! And what better way to celebrate the new addition to my arsenal than to use it as intended: playing some games.

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Once the cookie crumbles, you’re left with a mess that just goes everywhere.

I like watching animation. I think the craft is admirable, and the amount of different things you can do with it is really quite surprising. Still, not everything is equally good. Some works instantly jump out as pretty and stylistically coherent, others make you groan because they’re so bad. But the worst of the bunch is somewhere in between, near the better end of the spectrum, where it all looks good until one or two minor flaws start shining through.

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It’s the current year and we still haven’t made them enjoyable.

Computers are great fun, you can use them for lots of things. But once the seams start tearing you can suddenly see all the gnarly junk inside. It starts spilling out and before you know it you’ve drowned in it. Maybe we’ve just been focussing on immediate progress too forcefully. Maybe all we need to do is just sit down for a while to make something good.

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It’s one of those loading bars that doesn’t indicate anything useful, basically just a spinner.

As a species, we’ve come a long way. As a life-form, we’ve come even farther. We started out as practically motionless single-celled organisms, but soon we’ll be branching out to other planets and increasing our own capabilities beyond what evolution alone could have ever accomplished. One could say we’re growing increasingly more powerful. And that’s exciting because, you know, we’re more or less hard-wired to be excited about helping our species advance.

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19 04 17

Self betterment

It’s a constant struggle, but well worth it.

There’s nothing I find more admirable and more inspirational in a protagonist than the clear realization that they need to better themselves. It’s fine for your main character to be gifted with some insane source of power, some “special move” that allows them to excel at whatever the story revolves around. But if they’re just gonna prance around and flaunt it as if they’re suddenly perfect, then I’ll never like them.

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