Fang Talks

19 07 18


If there’s anything worse than a bad signal, it’s an unreliable one.

There’s been an unusually high amount of such cases hitting me today. Retrieval of packages failing and then succeeding, web pages staying blank until refresh, and don’t even got me started on video conferencing quality.

Nothing new, I guess…

18 07 18


Someone made what looks like an actually good chording keyboard for Android.

Qwerty is an actually good layout for mobile, but it’s still a traditional keyboard layout, so it still sucks ass. A chording keyboard, where you don’t really need to move your fingers, gets the advantages of bigger keys and less room for error.

Or, well, after you actually learn to use it properly that is. Steep learning curve and all that. I don’t even type that much on mobile, but I might still want to take the effort if I find something that has sticking potential.

17 07 18

Running hot

We’ve been reaching above comfortable temperatures here lately.

And it’s not just our bodies that are struggling to keep cool, technology seems to be having a hard time as well. Especially devices that were designed to do a lot of heat dissipation passively, through contact with the surrounding air.

I wish there was something I could do for them, but eh, I’m not about to install air conditioning.

16 07 18

Breathe, please

Just the slightest breeze will to the trick. A gentle current to help cool off. There’s only so much heat the shadow can draw away, a little fanning might help too.

You thought I was gone, didn’t you?

It was but a trick.