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Today marks another year round for this blog. I am so, so sorry.

It’s funny, I was actually feeling in the mood to write about the low bar of content that makes it on here again. You know, stir it up, bring back an old favorite. Then I remembered that hey, it’s the twenty-first right? That means we have a continued existence to mourn! Don’t you think that aligns nicely with the thing I wanted to do originally?

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20 01 18

Straight past

Ah, the joys of getting onto the wrong train at night.

Not a lot of trains here ride into the deep hours of the night, most of the tracks remain empty from around midnight until the morning. So it wasn’t very smart of me to go and get on the wrong train. It did pass by my destination, but didn’t actually stop there. And when it did stop, the last train back had already left.

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19 01 18


It really is just an endless barrage, isn’t it?

If you’ve been around in the digital age for a few years, you likely own an email address that has accumulated its fair share of spammers. Not just the messages, their senders. The lists you’re on, the amount of people that want to exploit you. When you unsubscribe from one, two others start bombarding you. With an infinite stream of junk.

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18 01 18

Slowly faster

It’s hard to notice progress from one day to the next.

But thinking back to the earlier days, you’ll likely realize the difference is night and day. It’s been about a month now since I’ve started more seriously using the new keyboard, and my fingers seem to finally be getting used to how weird and different it all is. I’m nearing my original typing speed, and I think that once I stop making as many errors I can actually surpass my old records.

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17 01 18


Nothing more comfy than bad weather.

There was a little bit of thunder last night. A loud rumbling up in the sky, somewhere in the distance. I hadn’t heard that in such a long time. And while it didn’t last long enough to lull me to sleep, it was still great. The sound of heavy rain has the same effect, it’s oddly soothing.

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