Fang Talks

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!
17 03 18


Drooping, oozing.

Your head’s full of it. Sloshing around with every step. Crashing into your skull, making a mess of the place. Overflowing with every breath. So much outward pressure, you might explode. It overcomes you, a spasm, a sneeze. !!! The contraction intensely violent. Bandwidth for depressurization is so low, your lungs nearly burst.

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15 03 18

Diseased screams

Disease creams.

Yelling can be fun. Screaming can be fantastic. Letting it all out in a primal roar, putting your dominance as an animal on display. Good for the soul, you know? Sadly, I don’t know proper screaming technique. Trying to push my decibels higher than they go without effort made me mess up my throat real good. So good, it made me sick.

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14 03 18


There’s always something new to see.

Rewatching things you’ve seen, rereading things you’ve read, it’s fun. Always nice to just sink into something familiar, to try and experience that first time again. Sometimes, it leads you to discover things you hadn’t noticed on your first pass. Hints at what’s to come, jokes that finally make sense. But also, you get a more complete view of the work, in a way.

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13 03 18

Now in reverse

Who would’ve thought that if you encode, you must also at some point decode.

A little while ago I implemented the logic for turning native Urbit data types into something Ethereum nodes can read. I got distracted for a good little while by a vaguely related requirement, and am only now getting back to the thing I was originally working on. And now I need to add decoding to my encoding.

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12 03 18

Back and forth

Can’t we just settle already?

The weather was absolutely amazing today. Sun out, temperatures up, pleasant breeze that didn’t feel like Death itself was caressing you. What more could we’ve asked for? It reminded my of summer and how it’s actually objectively superior to winter. But then the forecast came on, and it’s going to get colder again by the end of the week?

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