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Fucking wow.
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Or: memory clumps.

Searching for a small item in a large pile of junk is quite daunting the task. For bigger items it’s a lot easier though, once you find one part of it you can fairly easily pull out the rest. In a sense, this is similar to how associative memory works. One recollection clings to another, and so a clump or chain of knowledge can easily be pulled up in one go.

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Battling giants

It’s that time of year again.

League of Legends is holding its 2017 World Championship right now. Can’t say I’ve been into the scene much this year, but something caught my attention. An newcomer team, composed of pros who hadn’t before played on the Worlds stage, are actually doing really well. I like myself a good underdog story, so when I saw who they were up against in the quarterfinals — none other than the three time world champions — I couldn’t help but want to see them play.

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Ask me to remember and I’ll forget.

Earlier this year, Duolingo finally put their Japanese for English speakers course into beta. A much-awaited release, of course, bringing hordes of weebs into its community. That’s cool though, people are eager to learn. And so am I! There’s an unrelated audio-based course I had followed in the past, but stopped with that due to my weird schedule while I was in San Francisco. Haven’t picked it back up since. But textual learning seems fun still! It’s more directly applicable to my interactions with the language anyway.

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All aboard

Today is a glorious day, for I have bought my parents some Bitcoin.

After hearing me talk about Bitcoin perhaps a little too much recently, my folks finally caved in and asked me to buy some Bitcoin for them. Managed to throw some of their money at the exchange fairly shortly before the price started rising again, so these proud new owners are already in the green. Exciting!

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Traveling for more than a few short hours at a time is really killer for me.

After closing off my time in the UK with a few good beers at the pub I had to prepare for an early rise. My flight departed at eleven something, but just getting to the airport alone from my hotel took about an hour, and then we haven’t even made it through security yet. The flight itself isn’t that bad, under an hour even, but everything surrounding it turns it into a very long sit.

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