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Green padlocks for a safer environment.

Imagine waking up to a different view every day.

If you’re anything like me, your eyesight isn’t the best right after getting out of bed. You’re still a bit groggy, not fully awake. But that also means you have the pleasure of watching the world grow more and more detailed throughout the first few minutes of your morning. Sharper, more vibrant, hit by that beautiful orange-golden dawn. It’s really pretty, but after a full cycle of seasons, you’ve more or less seen it all.

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Truly the crown achievements of the twenty-first century.

I’m not even talking about genetically modified crops, that’s just really cool (though we should do more damage prevention when using them). The real hot stuff is in the snacks isle. Those cookies that come coated with chocolate, filled with all kinds of delicious creme, something you just wouldn’t be able to bake in your own kitchen. Or the kinds of absolutely ridiculous candy you can buy these days, with all manner of different little gimmicks.

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There’s always an out if you’re desperate enough.

Giving up isn’t the right thing to do. If you started something, commit to it, stick to the plan. Quitting halfway through will instill in you the mentality that you can always use your outs. And you can, but it’s not always a good idea. Best to keep yourself sharp and the temptation to give up low.

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21 09 16

Caveman alert

Or: Process enhancement as a desire.

You know those little workaround you do every once in a while? Those quick little hacks you do because you can’t be bothered doing it better? I was working on an elaborate Word document today, and there was this small table. Wasn’t much larger than three rows, but the darned thing was splitting itself up over multiple pages anyway. The classic “shit it barely doesn’t fit” problem. I could’ve downsized the text above it, or put a few newline to push it fully onto the next page, but what do you hold me for, some kind of caveman?

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20 09 16

It returns

Here’s to another year of misery and suffering!

As hard as I’m trying, it seems there’s no escaping my inevitable fate. My RSI is slowly returning. No, that’s a lie. It’s already here. I can try to deny it in an effort to make it just a little bit less real, but we all know how that turned out last time. So here I am, saying it: it returns.

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