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The Pumpkin Tide
28 08 16

Variety food

Nothing quite like trying a bunch of things without gorging on the good stuff.

Since our family had something to celebrate, we went out for dinner today. There’s this tapas place not too far away that serves Japanese cuisine, appropriately named Japas. You get five “rounds” to pick four items off the menu per person, making a grand total of twenty items each. That’s doesn’t sound like all that much, and I’d agree with you, but we’d both be sorely mistaken. I only managed to eat about three round’s worth food before giving up.

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27 08 16

The premise

Believe it or not, the premise doesn’t say all that much about anything.

Much like with ideas in general, you can have the coolest one, but if your execution isn’t up to snuff then it’s just going to end up garbage. There is so many different forms a premise can take as it gets worked into a full-fledged story. It doesn’t have to say anything about genre, style, or even what the story is really going to be about. I wrote down a vague premise today, and when I tried expanding upon it for a possible short story I drowned in the sea of possibility.

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26 08 16

Open doors

It looks and feels good to have all your doors open.

Like, physical ones. This isn’t about that opportunity junk. This is about leaving open the doors and windows of your house throughout the day. (At night might be a safety risk, depending on where you live.) It really… That little bit of nature blowing into your house really ties the room together. How your living space cools and warms as the great only-barely-outdoors does, how the scent of every event reaches you by smell before it even happens, how the sound passes through your halls, instead of bouncing through your quarters.

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25 08 16


Don’t build without a blueprint, don’t rebuild without a plan.

If you study software engineering, chances are you’ll get it hammered into your head over and over again: architecture is important. You can’t just blindly set about building your software. If you do, you end up with a piece of crap with junk tacked onto it left and right. And that’s no bueno, because it means changing one thing is much more likely to send the whole thing toppling over. So before you do anything, you figure out your intentions, describe them on a higher level, and then work down to the details from there. Kind of like the recommended process for writing a story.

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24 08 16

Finalist crew

Because I won’t have the energy to write non-diary posts until the weekend.

If I wasn’t as lucky, I’d have the day off with nothing to do. I don’t yet have a work-provided laptop which I can use to work from home, after all. But there was a mandatory school-organized thing that saved the day, so all ended well. As a form of additional support they let you form small groups with other interning students (heh, internship support groups), whom you’ll be scheduling meeting with three times throughout the adventure to look at each other’s work and share feedback with.

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