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Why can't I hold all these slogans?

The coolest thing about different languages —hell, even dialects— has to be swearing.

As a Dutchman, I can swear up and down, and you may just mistake me for listing the most notorious diseases known to our history. It’s how we live, sickness fills our curses and swears. Do this in English, and you’ll just get the strangest looks. “Just get cholera, y’all.” That doesn’t quite have the same ring “krijg toch allemaal de klere” does.

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The long walk

Waypoint walking is… surprisingly hard, in a way.

Went on another hike with a friend today. I had set up waypoints for us to use for navigation beforehand, which would take us to a couple points of interest. A memorial, a (newly heightened!) watchtower, what have you. From point to point, it was about 18 kilometers. Of course, I had expected the actual walking distance to be a bit higher, since we couldn’t just barge straight ahead through the forest, but I hadn’t expected to end up walking over 28 long kilometers.

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Factory Society

We’re a huge big community, aren’t we, as a species?

And we have to manage ourselves, if we want to keep moving forward. We need a way to bring newcomers up to speed on the latest and greatest in knowledge, and have them work from there to harvest even more. Because that’s what we do, we learn and pass it down. And we’ve gotten quite good at doing this on a large scale.

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The case for getting self-driving cars out there, right now.

Apparently there’s still people who fear the day our roads are full of self-driving automobiles, so I thought I’d make this a bit clearer than it may currently be to “non-techies”. It may seem a bit strange now, but Tesla Motors and friends are making huge strides towards building the future. Why would you want to say “stop, no more progress”? “It’s scary” doesn’t make a very good argument. The mix of human and machine drivers on the road may be a tad risky, but we’ll solve that as soon as everyone goes automatic, if not sooner.

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Ah, the beauty of a borrowing language.

Most modern folks (youth, people with technology-oriented studies and jobs) over here speak English at least somewhat decently. The Dutch language itself already borrows a bunch of words from other tongues, but this can go to extreme lengths in circles that speak English frequently. It isn’t uncommon to throw in more than three English words into the average sentence, depending on the topic of discussion. After all, it’s just a lot of effort making the translation when you’ve been using English term constantly.

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