Fang Talks

They always come in pairs
23 09 18


I need them for laundry, so I bought a couple rolls. It shouldn’t surprise me, but they’re actually quite heavy. You might be able to knock someone out with these if you throw them hard enough and aim well.
Wait, what did I need them for again?

22 09 18

Double duty

When flying to the states, timezones don’t shift favorably for me when it comes to blog posts. Am I just a day behind? Two days? Who even knows at this point. Time no longer exists in any meaningful sense.

21 09 18


Got to attend an Urbit meetup again for the first time in over a year. Some familiar faces, and lots of new ones! It was such a blast, we really do still have a community full of interesting and friendly people.

Already looking forward to the next one!

That I wrote this post. No matter the amount of time passes, I will always stand it. Everything within shall be tied to me for all eternity. I will be held accountable for its contents.

19 09 18


I have the option to move into a better studio than the one I’m currently staying at. For some reason I’m doubting whether I should.