Fang Talks

Is that a short joke?

Discard what you know. Abandon what you feel.

Free will? Did you skip primary school or something? Surely you know we’re all just automatons, powered by a beating and pulsating magical core? An individual’s perception and sense of self are just illusions caused by the flow of akak being bound by their veins, rather than freely throughout the world. Bleeding is a blissful experience, letting you briefly unite with the world around you before depriving your core of the high akak pressure it needs to function.

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12 12 17


I knew I should’ve knocked on wood or something.

Just yesterday I was saying how the chat applications was slowly stabilizing. Just today my dad asked me how things were going, and I told him the worst was behind us. Of course, I was wrong. So very wrong, on one of the things I’d really rather not be wrong about. And just before bedtime, too. I noticed something seemed off. And it was!

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11 12 17

Nearly stable

Or, you know, stable enough to not fall over on the daily.

For as big a release as the reworked Urbit chat application is, it sure didn’t explode people’s computers very hard. It’s messing up, no doubt about that, but it has yet to force us to boot the entire network anew. In fact, all issues so far have been fixable with over-the-air updates, which is a pretty neat feat of itself.

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10 12 17

Snow day

One day it’s breezy autumn, the very next it’s frosty winter.

It’s been snowing for the better part of last night and today. Mostly very tiny flakes, but occasionally you’d see very big ones fall down for a while. All in all, around ten centimeters of snow accumulated in most places. That’s not a bad haul, for the first snow day of the year!

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09 12 17

Under the radar

Because I don’t have fly-eyes.

There’s so many little oversights in the code I put into the latest release. Nothing that makes it break badly, but definitely big annoyances still. Some of these I could swear I tested, some of these I simply dropped the ball. On their own, they’re not that bad even, but when you have an active community suddenly touching the thing from every angle possible, it all shows at once.

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