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Because who really knows what kinds of ungodly things you’ve agreed to by default?

It’s unheard of to receive newsletters from listings you never subscribed to, even though there’s always the option to unsubscribe. It’s classified as junk mail and everyone actively fights it. Why doesn’t the same apply to other uses of your personal information? All of your online accounts with the big companies have all the nasty settings enabled by default, and nobody even seems to know they’re exist.

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28 03 17

The modern Bard

Because what are songs for if not storytelling?

Sure, most songs in modern culture will feature some theme or message, or describe a series of events, but not many describe lore of a larger fictional world, or tell the tales of its happenings. And that’s a shame, because music can be a really good storytelling medium!

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27 03 17

In flux

Urbit is currently in an interesting and slightly troublesome position.

The project being what it is, succeeding exclusively through software quality, it’s not strange for it to undergo numerous rewrites. Over and over until we reach a perfect state. This doesn’t mean the changes always have to be big, but sometimes they are. And that’s what happens to be the case right now. Large, important parts of the system are up for rewrite and will be quite a bit different in the next release.

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Because nothing says the weekend was good like having a sluggish Sunday.

There’s something about Sundays that just has me feeling slow, lazy, and barely motivated enough to actually do something. It may be because Saturday nights tend to get a little crazy as all good times do. Or it may just be that I sleep in too much. Whatever it is, it’s persistent. I managed to somehow get myself outside for some mountain biking today, but the energy it gave lasted no longer than the exercise itself.

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First week of new and amazing work is over already, it’s gone by really fast!

Good progress, great enjoyment, there’s not much I’d change here. I originally set out to just shift my waking hours into the night a little bit to be available for communication, but that sort of turned into an extension of my working day. Technically speaking I’m working “hourless”, as long as I have a decent level of output to show for it. Still try to aim for at least eight hours a day, that’s the least I could do.

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