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A case for hate and harshness in creative communities.

Having recently sort of gotten back into game development, I decided to pay one of my favorite communities again. As expected, it hadn’t changed much in my absence. People were still arguing over every little difference in each others opinions, giving ridiculously harsh “feedback”, giving short and blunt answers to people asking “how do I make game?”, and generally being a bunch of annoying little shits. Yes, there was also some solid progress being posted by some very cool developers, but those tend to drawn in the swarm of shitty posts.
I think all that makes it a really strong community.

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“The last 10% is 90% of the work.” -Some pretty clever guy, some time ago.

You may have heard (or not, chances are you couldn’t care much less) that the Seriously Simple RSS thing is feature-complete now. What this means is that all the basics are there, and what little additional features there were have been stripped because they weren’t really necessary for good usability anyway. I’ve yet to get to writing a proper good statistics page, but that’s more for me to see how it’s coping, so there’s no big priority on that right now. What I need to do to get it finished is pretty it up a little.

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Which I just blatantly disregarded myself.

There’s a bunch of little things you can do to reduce the amount of stress you go through on a daily basis. Of course “chill the fuck out” is right at the top of that list. There’s a couple others that seem obvious but are often forgotten or underestimated. I’ll share one with you today. It’ll save you some stress, and ensures you don’t suddenly lose several hours of sleep.

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Caves, p79

And so our heroes set out to help a filthy girl with piss-poor handwriting. (previous)

It was a decently long walk to the “camp” Mara had referred to in her note, but it helped both Mitchell and Andrea had a good idea of where it was located… approximately. They had to wander around for a bit before eventually finding the lone tree. It had started to wither, most leaves had already fallen to the ground. Despite the lack of foliage to hide herself in, Mara still acted like she couldn’t be seen. ‘Psst, up here!’ she whispered from up in the tree. ‘Is me!’
‘Oh, there you are!’ Andrea joked as Mara came climbing down the tree. ‘This is yours, right?’ She took out the note and unfolded it.
‘Yeahhhbut…’ She stared at Mitchell. At his face. No, she seemed to be looking past it. ‘You ‘kay?’ Her head tilted slightly as she attempted to estimate Mitchell’s fitness.
‘Oh, heh.’ It took Mitchell some time to understand what she was getting at. Both he and the people around him had gotten used to it by now. ‘It’s fine, nothing to worry about.’

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The struggle is real.

So the final part of this school year started today. We’ll be doing programming in C#. Hip hip hurray, except for, you know, it’s pretty much Microsoft’s language and support for it on OS X is pretty terrible. I found some good stuff that may work, but apparently I won’t install correctly, because nothing recognizes its presence.
O~okay, well dang, I just got it to work while writing this. Getting distracted easily sometimes helps, I suppose. Well, let’s just pick up where the story left off for now. Since I couldn’t get a development environment for C# running on OS X, I was forced onto my Windows partition. Good thing I had it, I could now use it for Visual Studio, the software recommended by our teacher (and made available to us for free by school).

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